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  1. how long do you think it will take until someone makes a mod where the forge mobs and spawn at certains location? and with the items that will be possibly dropped by them?
  2. @nome yes you are right. also they have 100% chance of losing when fighting you
  3. be careful you have 99% chance of losing
  4. first you need to win the forge as wes. then you defeat nome. the final boss of dont starve. you will be awarded it
  5. when u need pizza like a big pizza like a poor edd

  6. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    i made a server for those memez.
  7. im making a server to discuss this with other people join if you want to. (its i building but you can join anyways)
  8. it is a big concidence
  9. some of the ancient arts looks like poop