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  1. Gorge warly stats: * Has exclusive recipes (The recipe is a mandrake soup and allows warly to get a redmark on the first round)
  2. Any wendy skin so I can become rich
  3. Leave the server and come back during autumn
  4. I bet we're gonna see them in third season of the forge. The newest creature in the forge is the Nox, in the forge, they will spawn as a trio. In order to beat them, you need to kill them all at once before they multiply into thousands Edit: The name of the trio is called: Nox Trio. Each member of the trio will have a special type of attack pattern, and range, giving the tanks an extra hard time, while each member having the same amount of health and damage as a GFB. Not to mention them being immune to petrification, explode on death, and multiply if not killed at the same time. Edit: The Trio can also spawn in a Mega banner causing 90% damage reduction that has the health of a Borilla, and summon Rhinocebros when under 10% health (Works on all copies of the Nox trios unless one is silenced.) Edit: Each member of the trio can imitate what kind of weapon the survivors are using causing it to be an extra challenge. Last but not least, to balance out the game and make Wes viable, Wes has gotten a new character trait: if any member of the Nox trio attacks "Wes" They lose all of their buffs, passives, abilities, and suffer a -10000 health per second penalty until they are defeated. I've missed a huge opportunity to make this an April fools joke
  5. why bring over something that is wayyy inefficient than the thing we have right now?
  6. Pengulls shouldn't spawn at "rivers"

    Just kill them
  7. just put a flingo-matic on your ship
  8. Just download a mod for that when somebody makes it. Pretty sure it's not worth the time and effort for a gamemode that is pretty much rendered dead at this point
  9. Does using a life amulet have the same results?
  10. Whoever is making the clothing icons is the true mvp
  11. Best thing ever added to dst
  12. Thank you for the updates klei!