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  1. why bring over something that is wayyy inefficient than the thing we have right now?
  2. Pengulls shouldn't spawn at "rivers"

    Just kill them
  3. just put a flingo-matic on your ship
  4. Just download a mod for that when somebody makes it. Pretty sure it's not worth the time and effort for a gamemode that is pretty much rendered dead at this point
  5. Does using a life amulet have the same results?
  6. Whoever is making the clothing icons is the true mvp
  7. You cannot play on other lan servers if you are offline, if I remember correctly
  8. Wortox has a animated short? very generous klei
  9. Wendy main I am, enjoyed this I have.
  10. Best thing ever added to dst
  11. Thank you for the updates klei!
  12. The vignette artwork is neat, good job klei!