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  1. How has this not been confirmed yet? The expansion is UNPLAYABLE on ps4 after 5 minutes and it Seems to be a universal problem even on pc. Does klei even check these forums? Its been a month and after extensive searching i can't even find a single instance of klei acknowledging the problem. This company is a joke and seems to be only after our wallet after all. I'm going to get the refund i am deserving of as the US law states. Not because $5.00 is alot to me but because Klei is demonstrating a ****TY business model, and needs to be held accountable by us. The consumers. Delete this post, ban me idc. You messed up big time Klei, this is not how you treat the people who pay your bills.
  2. Same issue, finding Shipwrecked unplayable every playthrough after day 5ish due to horrible framerate. Hope this gets fixed soon! Hire more ppl we will support you on kickstarter.PC gaming is not for everybody.If ps4s gonna get everything 2 years late and still broken, i guess me and any non-pc master race gamers are going to have to give up on these games. Mobile port? Seriously?