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  1. The rose sets, Hallowed Nights skins, trailer, shadow knights, and that Hallowed Nights comic got me on the floor screaming

    1. minespatch


      On 10/19/2016 at 2:35 PM, 9screamingkittens said:

      fandom rn



  2. Doeiika's (kohmba) Art

    Lately, like last and this month I've been staying away from digital art because I've been a little art-blocked. Today I didn't have work and I was super interested in the new DST stuff. Here's some doodles/quick studies of the things from the "Arts and Crafts" update. (lmao my friend showed me a new way to draw eyes so Maxwell is here too. I just had to practice a single eye ^^) The shadow atrium is my favorite thing I drew ^q^
  3. Doeiika's (kohmba) Art

    so back in august, I this survivor Wilson rp blog, and his thing was that he mastered the "game" (made it to day 1000 and has a big ol base and stuff) after he finds this shadow controller amulet. So the amulet is like a little thing I made up :oc
  4. Doeiika's (kohmba) Art

    wOW I HAVENT BEEN ON HERE FOR SEVENTEEN YEARS! Have some more fanart ✨
  5. oH GOD THE SHADOW CHESS PIECES,,, they're giving me anxiety...

    1. minespatch


      Tell me about it...

      Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 11.39.53 PM.pngfu.thumb.jpg.10af1020ffa667ef40406843d691146c.png

    2. Doeiika


      me, an innocent egg who just made a bunch of marble statues: wow wtf is a shadow knight lemme just spawn one
      *knight spawns allies through chess statues*

      me: hello world? more like goodbyeworlD HA HAHA SUCC

  6. sees the "sync with Steam" option for changing your profile picture*

    sees remembers Steam profile picture*

    "Ohh no..."

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    2. minespatch


      Oh, that picture you had on your profile for a few seconds.:wilson_ecstatic:

    3. Doeiika


      "where i put this"


    4. minespatch


      Here's a awesome cartoon based on it.

  7. Doeiika's (kohmba) Art

    the flow of the sentence aint right but hEc k
  8. Doeiika's (kohmba) Art

    I'm so tired rn why did i draw this
  9. Doeiika's (kohmba) Art

    He's about to drop his sick new mixtape
  10. Doeiika's (kohmba) Art

    I... I killed them bo th
  11. Doeiika's (kohmba) Art

    I bet, but the pig folks will realise he doesn't have any money and shoo him off! Though I like the idea of a dethroned Maxwell trying to relive the glory days of ruling the other survivors by ruling the pigmen
  12. Rai's Fan Arts and Doodles

    So graceful -what track are they dancing to??
  13. Doeiika's (kohmba) Art

    All we wanted to do was harvest his child's sweet tree flesh!! We needed to build more housing for more pig folk! Although, when that pigman died it was quickly replaced... Just like the workers in this economY -Maxwell cares not for the working class
  14. Doeiika's (kohmba) Art

    lmao just two tree guards spawned at the same time with different sizes