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  1. WOAH, I'm done the SS's Oh yeah- I stuck them here :^)
  2. I haven't seen Attack on Titan in like 5 years-- but this is what comes to mind to me l ol Also on an off note that new deerclops omg,,
  3. AAY ITS BEEN 6000 YEARS SINCE IVE POSTED ANY DON'T STARVE ART So I entered the Don't Starve secret Santa on tumblr. My match wanted one character or that and another character in a relationship, but I was thinking like... ILL DO THAT AND SO MUCH MORE BA BY : ::^^^))) Some thumbnails I did during my creative process. I finished one out of two drawings that I'm giving to them. 2nd drawing- cropped for no spoilers lmao
  4. The rose sets, Hallowed Nights skins, trailer, shadow knights, and that Hallowed Nights comic got me on the floor screaming

    1. minespatch


      On 10/19/2016 at 2:35 PM, 9screamingkittens said:

      fandom rn



  5. Lately, like last and this month I've been staying away from digital art because I've been a little art-blocked. Today I didn't have work and I was super interested in the new DST stuff. Here's some doodles/quick studies of the things from the "Arts and Crafts" update. (lmao my friend showed me a new way to draw eyes so Maxwell is here too. I just had to practice a single eye ^^) The shadow atrium is my favorite thing I drew ^q^
  6. so back in august, I this survivor Wilson rp blog, and his thing was that he mastered the "game" (made it to day 1000 and has a big ol base and stuff) after he finds this shadow controller amulet. So the amulet is like a little thing I made up :oc
  7. wOW I HAVENT BEEN ON HERE FOR SEVENTEEN YEARS! Have some more fanart ✨
  8. oH GOD THE SHADOW CHESS PIECES,,, they're giving me anxiety...

    1. minespatch


      Tell me about it...

      Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 11.39.53 PM.pngfu.thumb.jpg.10af1020ffa667ef40406843d691146c.png

    2. Doeiika


      me, an innocent egg who just made a bunch of marble statues: wow wtf is a shadow knight lemme just spawn one
      *knight spawns allies through chess statues*

      me: hello world? more like goodbyeworlD HA HAHA SUCC

  9. sees the "sync with Steam" option for changing your profile picture*

    sees remembers Steam profile picture*

    "Ohh no..."

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    2. minespatch


      Oh, that picture you had on your profile for a few seconds.:wilson_ecstatic:

    3. Doeiika


      "where i put this"


    4. minespatch


      Here's a awesome cartoon based on it.

  10. the flow of the sentence aint right but hEc k
  11. He's about to drop his sick new mixtape