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  1. Bumping this thread. The problem is still occurring, and it is very frustrating to play this great game. It crashes on average 3-4 times per hour. It does seem to happen more frequently when a new world is started - the longer I progress in a world, the less frequently the lock-up occurs. I have again completely uninstalled all of Don't Starve (both Reign of Giants, as well as Shipwrecked), rebooted my Xbox One, and then reinstalled. Although I'm using an external hard drive for more capacity, I am now only installing Don't Starve on the XB1 itself. Please help! I am perplexed as to why I seem to be alone with this problem of seeming random lock-ups. I'm open to try anything to resolve the issue.
  2. Addendum to this issue: - Game was installed on external HD, not XB1 internal drive. Game has been uninstalled and reinstalled here. Have over a dozen other games installed on this same external drive which all load/run fine. - Moved install of DS-GE/Shipwrecked from external drive to internal drive. Same problem continues to occur.
  3. Hi...is there a known Don't Starve Shipwrecked XBox One bug regarding the game randomly crashing? I will be playing just fine, then the game crashes (screen freezes with a blurb of studdering noise for 5 - 10 seconds) and it then dumps me out to the Xbox home screen. I have to restart the game from its load screen and it will take me back to wherever the last save happened. This is happening pretty frequently...one to two times an hour. I've uninstalled Don't Starve entirely, rebooted the Xbox, then reinstalled the entire game (DS-GE + Shipwrecked) - but this does not resolve the issue. Great game, just frustrating to have to keep exiting out and restarting the whole thing - not to mention loosing time going back to whatever the last save point was. Thx, KarokAlleon