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  1. Also experiencing the same problem. The game thinks it is standing still, but it does look like the guardian is sliding..
  2. oh, no, lol i thought i was going to get it as soon as i launch the game. i was launching the game as i was writing the msg lol
  3. btw, how do u get the early access reward? D:
  4. oh really? didn't know... then i have'em all!!!
  5. woot now i have all skins for firepit except the shadow one >:D
  6. i want that shadow webberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  7. yus. i just removed the durability from it XD
  8. liking my new skins so much.. especially survivor webber! I played this game over 700 hours with JUST webber XD i could just stare at the screen and do nothing for hours,,, I wish there was skins for endothermic firepit as well and for tent... and for fridge.... for chest... for everything!
  9. it was "campfire respawn" mod that was causing the issue. steam workshop number 569043634. it made flames from two new fire pit skins to disappear if it was set on starting second time. original firepit working just fine. it would also dislocate the position of the flame. edit: i just checked that the author of this mod just updated with a fix
  10. disregard this post please. it was due to mod incompatibility. Sorry about that :/
  11. hi, I saw the patch note and it said the position of the flame was fixed, but i don't think it is. first picture is from before update, and bottom picture is from today after the update. yesterday, when the pit was made for the first time, the position of the fire was correct, and gets out of place when it was lit for the second time. but after today's update, the position of the flame would start off position from the beginning. tested on my dedicated server, hosting, and on friend's server. this was made for the first time, after today's update also, the animation for the fire gets glitched up. when you put out the fire with ice, for example, the fire animation goes away, but the remaining time clock stops ticking. and when you try and put the fire on again, the flame animation disappears. this only happens with two new skins for fire pits. original fire pit works just fine. When you restart the whole server, however, you can see the flame again, but same thing happens if the fire ever goes out...
  12. I already wrote this on the discussion thread, but i just wanted to make sure. new fire pit skin has some sort of graphical glitch to it. when first putting the fire on, it looks just fine. but after the fire goes out, and you put the fire back on, the positon of the flame looks lot lower than where i think it should be. it looks out of place, ALOT. left fire pit is one that has been lit for the second time, and the right one just has been made.....
  13. i wish there was a way to change your worldgenoverride.lua with these new prefabs included :/
  14. is it dedicated server? I couldn't change the new world settings so it should be at default.. the only new thing i was able to find was stone tree and gekkos in the rock biome.. never seen anything like that...
  15. It looks like "Extra Equip Slots" mod is causing the issue. I disabled this mod and i was able to join my old world fine. Also after regenerating the world, i could join the game with no problem with this mod enabled, but crashes as soon as i pick up a backpack.