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  1. I'll just take this I don't think your glasses work anymore also you got into wilson's hair gel next it will be Minespatch but as anime actually this is edgy enough Mines as a shogen main character.
  2. I just want to say with every fiber of my being
    Everyone of you people and I'm not generalizing everyone who sees,reads,comments,reacts too me is a terrible person.
    you all suck so much that I often have passive aggressive journal dedicated to making fun of you when you aren't looking.

    Now YOU might think "nah we are friends, so i know he just trolling."  Your wrong you are all terrible 
    @minespatch is too sweet bleh 
    @weirdo well he is really weird creeps me out
    well ok I only have two forum friends that I can honestly say have personalities that I can remember.
    I guess my other "friends" weren't worth remembering

    You all our terrible
    even myself is a pile of manure
    so bored and can only be entertained by the silliest stunts
    because I don't care about backlashe
    you all suck
    and so do I

  3. Since when have there been more than one @Donke60? and yes I will be happy
  4. there beat forge 
    I think i'm done
    Say goodbye all my cool drops

    Wes looks dumb
    Wicker is somethin'
    Maxwell is emo edge also has mismatching colors on his portait 
    the portrait shows his clock brown and with you the make up on it

    Webber is too cool
    I was lvl 16
    team comp is bad
    people can't coordinate worth a beefalo's butt
    Lucy is magic
    I want this mode to be permanent but maybe with randomized a little floors land a small boss pull for the final boss
    I want the title screen as a wall paper
    Holloween will be something
    "click,clack,click,click" goes my keyboard
    I like Woodie
    Maxwell needs a shorter spawn for the duelists

    1. minespatch


      Is this a poem~?:wilson_sneaky:

      I think Maxwell is just finally getting back to his teenage years due to that description.:wilson_ecstatic:

      As for cordination, Once in a few matches, the teams found out how to time the cooldown so that was pretty cool when I got to work with a team who knew how to sandman, petrify, and electricute in order.

    2. Donke60


      No its not, I just typed that way.

  5. The console fees don't exist anymore, however because the SW update on pc is in beta it probably won't reach console and mobile till it is out of beta
  6. hmm he's not the main focus But I'm sure I could use his face its a nice pose good job @Quoth143
  7. Looking at most of my embarrassing moments, now just makes me laugh

    1. minespatch


      You've turned out fiiiiiine.

  8. @RusticZerowhat does the character do?
  9. Good :Enough WX might want to try and say that to winiona kek
  10. You have done Well my fellow Wes Worshipper Now do Warly poofs away in a smoke of onion seasoning and balloons
  11. I think you should of give Warly more rounded or softer bigger eyes his expression looks sinister like he poisoned the soup
  12. Another Warly piece to add to my collection
  13. with a few alterations I can see Maxwell singing this

    1. minespatch


      Perfect. Needs a animatic sometime.  Maxwell... Voiced by Spongebob. |D

      Also, another great song:





    2. DragonMage156


      I recognized that voice as Ice King... is it the same voice actor as Spongebob? (Cos I didn't know that XD )

    3. minespatch


      Tom Kenny. Yup.

      Closest normal voice I know him for is as the father in Miles from Tomorrowland.

  14. I disown Wes as my waifu. For the love of god put your face back on! FTFY
  15. Really could of used a warning for that server maintenance 

    1. DragonMage156


      Ikr? I was in the middle of posting something :/

  16. Getting rather close to last year’s Holloween debut thought they would do it earlier guess not 

    1. minespatch


      Shame, maybe next year?

    2. Donke60


      Well I mean it’s probably still going to happen but on the same day it happened last year when I thought it would happen earlier but I guess not

    3. DragonMage156


      The devs wait till we loose hope before releasing something we wanted XD

  17. I mean he's got heavy grey hair and I don't think he would be in the best shape of his life granted he would be like 45 or 50 not really old but I guess I mean in the feeble sense Probably but now I feel bad for Wilson if that's the case. its all muscle like a cow, your just jealous that your thighs aren't that THICC
  18. Does that also mean his hat becomes a lethal weapon as I can stuff it with 50 2-5 pounds of meaty stew with the pot attached and Wilson can do it because he's been blessed with the divine power of thunder thighs Halloween skin brawl: MAxwell vs Warly for the Krampus skin. I wanna see that now which middle aged out of shape old man can beat the other out of shape middle aged old man!