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  1. New NImra is cute :p 

    1. Nimra


      Awww thanks Noxu did the art, now all he has to do is think of an upgraded look for himself/the oc he uses on here. Hahaha.

      I want to do some more doodles of her and Wek, but life is stopping me at the moment. *sigh*

  2. The art style doesn't make this look threatening it honestly looks like an ordinary spotlight I'm waiting for the dance number
  3. removes muzzle

    I can speak again

    1. minespatch


      Welcome back to the land of the MAxwell MEmes.

    2. Donke60
    3. DragonMage156
  4. my only complaint is his face looks a little shrunken like in the cheeks really makes him look like he's a starving child or something other then that this piece is great
  5. For exposure you have to wait more then two hours
  6. or it could just be the common sittings of old ladies wearing straw hats often in media

    1. minespatch


      Followed after by5a05ec264fd87_20171106p2-Woodiesaxewaifu.png.6133da00d1eaac1f1a9d56a6f74689bc.png

    2. Donke60


      I don't love you....BAKA!


  8. back too the basics if you don't notice this was my first profile picture I had on the forums

    1. DragonMage156
    2. minespatch


      My memory's pretty bad, so sorry. :wilson_dorky:

  9. :mad-new::wilson_cry:


    1. minespatch


      Good job... "Hamsters".
      Wonder how long it will take. I want to spam more of my ds art in the DS Discord.

  10. aww I don't feel so threatened by this punga I wanna be his friend then he can scalp me
  11. Hello new Wes piece oh ho ho a new artist and a beta DS one at that. how great Welcome back.
  12. 20171116030718_1.jpg
    WHY DID THEY DO THIS TO WES'S HAIR!!! everytime Wes could have a good skin they do something that ruins it.

    1. Donke60


      but it really looks like he got scalped by a pair of razors
      Like in those Jack movies

    2. minespatch


      Wes is just trying to have a Mohawk look.

    3. Donke60


      Could of confused me with the “middle aged balding” look

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  13. Do it while you can it might not come back so get those exclusive and have some fun it could be your only chance worrying about if your not good at it is not a concern you will and can get better
  14. I got an egg
    and it hatched this cutey
    I can now use him as an in-game avatar


    1. minespatch


      He's quite the poofy guy.

  15. Yep same I'm sure Mines can send you my way if you get lost/stuck P.S I have to stop tainting everything I see but its so easy P.S.S well there goes the ban hammer time to scoot by boot to another Forum I'm leaving Joe I swear just give me like a week
  16. Well thats why you let someone else do it for you, kek
  17. there is only one problem with that amazing piece