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  1. Next post in the theory after Wes the next character that comes to the world is Woodie. Now at this point Maxwell has lost the shock and has settled in to his new rule as king. Leading him to see what his powers can do but he still wants people to entertain him and he knows that he wants someone who probably has survived a little and knows the Forest enter Woodie. This would also be the time that hybrid animals come in and animals pigs, merms tailbirds etc. This is how I propose woodie became a werebeaver and found Lucy as we know from don't starve together. Now you might ask if he became a were beaver from this world then how come we don't see any other werebeavers in don't starve or DLC. Well remember how Maxwell said the Tallbirds were a failed experiment well what if Woodie was the first and only werebeaver. Who was turned into the beaver by Maxwell aka THE CURSE then whyevery can't it effect anyone else well there isn't anyone to infect pigs are already infected and go where pigs and merms are highly hostile and are fish people so its possible since the merms are a hybrid they can't be anything more as for lucy. Woodie could of just found her and they grown so attached to each other that she wouldn't want to be with anyone else. However he still fails because of the full moon and him losing control and then coming to badly injured. Next is Wickerbottom. Next is brains Maxwell finds the smartest person he can to see if she can do it and her lure would be again the quest for forbidden knowledge.(same as Wilson) Now Wickbottom is so wise that when given the knowledge she without the help of the Shadow's magic she is able to make books that act as a conductor to use certain spells. However she would not be able to reach maxwell understanding with out being corrupted by shadows as maxwell. She fails do to her age and insomnia as winter game and sunlight was shorter this I consider where she would meet her end with her inabilty to eat fresh foods or the darkenss and nights taking a slow toll on here as she got farther and farther. Now this is when disappear sets in for Maxwell he at this point freedom sits in maxwells mind and the throne weakens him. So in any effort to free himself he makes everyone's favorite adult robot Bender I mean WX-78. To save him and you might ask well why wouldd WX_78 save Maxwell he hates living creatures. Well thats exactly why WX=78 has an ego and views robots superior and he would go through Maxwell's door if nothing else. To prove that he is Superior he most likely would free maxwell only so that he could be king of the world. Though WX+78 falls short for he is nothing more then a machine and falls prey to rain and lightning. Now at this point Maxwell ould be in a depression he has seen people fail countless times to leave and even when he designs his own being to rescue him he fails. He thinks of anyone who has a chance anyone like him as he was able to control the shadows maybe they will and beat the challenge enter Wendy. someone who is related to Maxwell and might have an edge in freeing him. However being related and having the potential does not make Wendy succeed as she loses the fight on her reliance on her sister being with her and just lack of physical strength. Next up is Willow an extreme Maxwell looks at this unstable girls mind and sees the destruction she causes so much in fact that it ives enough to give her a shot. However her unstable pyromaniac mind is her downfall as she is unable to cope with the weirdness and hostile creatures of Maxwell's World. Which in turn makes her self destruct lighting fires to keep calm destroying her chance at survival. Wolfgang another extreme a man of pure might and little else in a act of desperation Maxwell goes back to the circus and gets wolfgang just if pure might can destroy all in his way and save him from his torture. However Wolfgang's fear of the dark and the many monsters in don't starve along with limited food to keep Wolfgang big and strong reduce Wolfgang to nothing. Last one to brave maxwell's world and first one we play as Wilson is able to beat maxwell's challege for he is sane, smart, young, holds no attachments and is perfectly average he really the most boring person ever. Now once maxwell is free we seem him die but remember that adventure mode rule that if you die in adventure mode you are sent to the begining and lose all your progress. Which holds up rightfully so as he loses his powers and his influnce over the world as we see in don't starve he now starts over as a normal person the only powers he has come from his book however all the time on the Nightmare throne held captive have made him very weak. However with the help of Willson who is sent back to his world after charlie takes her place of True Ruler of the land make the makeshift portal and retrieve everyone from there own worlds so that they might work together and finally escape the Shadow People's rule
  2. Now my theory goes that everybody is still in there worlds alive even just you don't because everyone has there world just for them.Except Wes. for Now when you go into adventure mode that when you prompted that when you die you are returned at the entrance but you have to start over from the beginning. Everyone at the exact same time is doing adventure mode and dying or stopped and now live in the world forever But Wilson ends the Cycle because thanks to don't starve together trailer Wilson beets adventure mode is thrown out by charlie and returned to his world. However Maxwell did die and so did Wes but when you die in adventure mode you are returned to your world at the entrance of the door. This is proven by the comic strip that shows Maxwell after being freed is killed and following the same rule is brought back but because of charlie he is not sent to his own world like the others but is sent to Wilson's world instead Then Maxwell finds Wilson and they build the portal to get everyone out of there own individual worlds to help each other in one world to escape charlie. This is also shown in the comics. Now you might say well if they gave up or kept trying wouldn't they eventually die of old age well not exactly because one of the lines is when you talk to him in the Nightmare throne room is "How Long Has it Been Time Moves differently here" so it is easy and safe to assume that the world or shadow magic stops the characters from ageing and that is why the day cycle and days can be in 8 minutes and why you get hungry so fast. For the shadows want you to survive and die from yourself and not from something as unavoidable as aging This also explains why Maxwell looks the way he does when he first arrives even though it has been years. Now why are these characters chosen and why do they have what they have. My theory will only explain normal and maybe RoG (though that part i'm less sound on) Now after the portait of maxwell there is the potrait of Wes and I was pointed out in the background of one of Maxwell promotional posters there is Wes so they offically worked together. So when Maxwell wants to leave he thinks of the first person he can and that is Wes. However Wes fails over and over again Maxwell gets angry so what does he do he punishes him making sense of the set piece and why he is in adventure mode. Now you might ask then why is wes so weak Well what if nothing happened to him what if when you free him he wasn't hurt he was just as weak as when he first came to the world and that is why he failed. Then you might say well why can't he talk if nothings wrong with him. Well what if Wes was just born mute it is a real life thing. So that is why he is a mine because he couldn't talk in the first place so he chose a job where he didn't have to talk and uses miming as his sign langueu. Well then you might say well why is it when you ask him to examine items he doesn't do anything spefic and there all random. Well have you ever tried using motions and not words to commuicate with someone and make them understand you its really hard. His mimes are generic because they can mean anything that doesn't mean he doesn't know what the items do or that he is stupid but if you couldn't talk and you were in high pressure situation it would be really heard to show someone with motions what something does without using it and showing them in the first place so thats why he mimes the way he does he's trying to show you but its hard and he doesn't have time to show you step by step. What he means and he can't talk just to tell you. Ok this post is long if you want me to explain more just ask I do have a theory for shipwrecked and why it is they way it is and also if you say then why doesn't wes reacted the same to hounds and world things he does its just most of the time your moving and to do his motions you have to stop doing things he reacts like every character does.
  3. Ok this is an old thread but I will post the solution here seeing that the video of the link was taken down by youtube.What you need to do is go into steam settings and turn of cloud sync then go into files go to Program Filesx86 find the steam folder then go to userdata then there will be a bunch of serial numbers for the game you have find the one that holds the don't starve game files and go to remote folder and find the text document labeled profile. and take it out of the folder this will erase all you profile data THATS ALL CHARACTERS I have not found a way to do it selectively yet. hope this helps