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  1. I'll think I think i'll do paint.NET cause I've used that before along with sketchbook but i'll use Paint for now thinks for the suggestions
  2. I wish I had something to post but I don't know how to make a meme
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This mod changes the classification of coffee allowing Wigfrid and all characters to drink coffee This mod is not mine I got permission from the author This was a request from a forum member This mod is RoG compatiable but you need the SW DLC to use it This is for normal DS Link for more infomation
  4. I can't seem to access the character at the selection screen do you have solutions
  5. Oki doki I'll play a little tonight and hand them out tomarrow and run some tests ("against certain mobs) and let you know
  6. OH sry that was my bad I read it backwards ok now it makes sense yes this seems balanced fairly enough won't know til tested but I think its a good first concept I've nothing more to add
  7. I would lower the rate but everything else except for the huge damage she gets is the only thing really concerning if you want you can post your mod in the forums here I have two friends who I think would be willing to test this mod in a mutiplyer setting if you want to make her the opposite when in dark state you could make here a slow tank so when she fights in this form it would make kiting an issue for quick eniemies making tanking the better option that way people can't just run around the map being one punch man or bunny that way normal is good for nomading and being quick and dark is good for tanking combat I'm not sure if thats what you want it would be a nice incentive to add a passive sanity buff in this form to limt the time you could spend in the form like wolfgang if it just becomes too easy to keep. By sanity manuplation I met how easy it is for a character to become sane and insane so Webber,Woodlegs,Maxwell would be examples of characters that have easy sanity manuplation(if maxwell has the resources)
  8. She got some wes like stats anyway why you are correct that basic food can sustain her from what I have read it is a short-term solution because unless the player can get farms up the character falls apart and in a multiplayer environment where farms can be scarce for some people if they join late this can be a problem an issue happened with the winny mod where if the player joined late experienced or not they often starved or had trouble. insulation unless its near wilson beard lvl doesn't matter in the long run and meat effigy are used in mid-game which is usually two seasons worth. If the auras are for surrounding characters what stops me for staying in my buffed form if no one is around I'm picking your mod up for sure when it comes out though PS 140 is a weird number
  9. Well she certainly has alot going on a very dynamic character its hard to tell how balanced she is alone or in a group without play testing her What are here base stats hunger,sanity and health But it seems her damage buff in night mode is way to high I would also add that the barrier to enter is to high on the 25 sanity a min as if you play maxwell you find out going insane reliabley is very hard to do especially for long periods of time I would play the DS conterpart maxwell if you haven't for a better understanding of sanity passives and I'd lower the passive sanity buff I would also unless your character has a small stomach would make it so that she gets a hunger bonus from veggie crockpot dishes as most of them have low hunger value but a high heal factor. I'm not sure how I feel about shaving with the fur coat as bunny puffs can provide and upgraded bedroll and the hair effiges both really good things for one character to have. I have come up with two abities to replace them if you so choose and that would be increasing the loyalty timers for befrended bunnyman on her and give her a rabbit hutch on spawn with the hutch recipe unlocked as webber does But these are just suggestions but your character seems very fun to play in concept I think she is just overpowered a little too much.
  10. Name: Jason (the Jester) Race:Human Mutations:Warped mind History (if you want to keep a secret, that's fine.): When Jason heard a circus was in the wasteland he jumped at the oppertunity as he could gain rements of his old life back. However once he arrived he was mistook as a combantant with his weird attire and has been fighting in the circus for 2 years. Killing people and robots alike has made him slightly insane. Personality: His warped mine has made him treat "The Circus" as a game and has no morality for right and wrong leaving hard desicions on something as simple as a dice roll. Though if pushed to his limit he will do anything to kill his targets or complete a mission. Appearance:red and purple suit,bells slippers,golden phantom mask. red and purple 4 prong jester hat Strengths:agile,experinced fighter,quick,reasourcefule Weaknesses: gullible,loves games,questionable mental health Etc [Contraband will be confiscated]:weaponize box of festivities, weapons' lute and shotel 20-sided die
  11. question what if you can't draw your character
  12. year of the tiger huh well everything they said that a tiger would be I am not execpt to over indulge or unpredictable sort of
  13. I hate this guy trade in and all i get are steel toed boots its a bad idea unless out of options
  14. I was thinking frontier woodie actually
  15. so is maxwell dead or are his demon personality fused with wilson's LOVE this poster but in honesty the deerclops looks cute I don't know why
  16. Yes it indeed it is by @Kevin himself pulled it right from the link Minespatch gave
  17. Not necssarily Woodie and Willow don't really have strong desires to reach something All the throne needs is a host 1890s - 1906: William Carter origin story1906: William and Charlie enter the DS world. 1906 - 1910ish: Some crazy stuff happens that we haven't told you about yet.... 1910ish - 1921: The various playable characters get pulled into the DS world.1921: Wilson gets pulled in (Forbidden Knowlege trailer).*THE ORIGINAL GAME + ROG STARTS HERE*?: Wilson lives in DSworld for a while. Dies a lot, eventually finds Maxwell's door and confronts Maxwell?: Wilson replaces Maxwell on the Nightmare Throne, Maxwell becomes Waxwell. ?: Some other crazy stuff happens that we haven't told you about yet.... ?: The DST plotline begins. Got it lets start filling in blanks or question marks in this case SOMEONE CALL MATPAT
  18. Well from what I can gather or speculate is wison would be the last aboduction Wes would be one of the first considering you can actually meet him and webber (sort of) in the game itself which would also but wolfgang in the same boat I always thought the character portaits were the line of abductions but in reverse considering in the base game it starts with wison and ends maxwell if you don't have an expansion. We do know that maxwell and wendy are related do to a card in one of the puzzle photos and quotes Its really hard to make character connections because the only ones we have got glimpses of are Wison (poster boy) and maxwell so thats as far as I could say things with certainty I have my own theory thread that's archived I will link to
  19. When I saw this I thought wilson was holding a flaming sword I like it all especially the dapper slappers love to see more keep it up
  20. Instant-Noodles Junior Member KIel @JoeW why you took it all you took it all away you spoofed me HOW COULD YOU!!! nice job you can't take it away I saw it and copied it so I will know the TRUTH!! you can't fool ctrl c and ctrl p