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  1. I doubt this we haven't been give an example of shadows being able to rip a hole in time but it is completely possible that woodlegs honestly belives he is a pirate captain and made a crew out people with the same disorder I would argue what kept woodlegs alive he was trapped in a cage all other characters Wes,Maxwell, were trapped by magical means. But woodlegs seemed to be an odinary cage. I'm going to bug @Kevin if shipwreck is canon
  2. Jason ignored Ria's shouting and went to the help desk after greeting the clerk. Jason asked "which one of these symbols is the medical bay for organic creatures I've been burned" holding up his shoulder which was starting to form more blisters and puss-filled granules.
  3. Yay a super fast posion animal with poison blisters Wow my character can not catch a break I'm going to think outside of the box with toys and ideas not to mention i'm going to have to deal with a magic fire dragon a slime monster an invisible chameleon and a radiation rock um sock um robot it's bad to be a human though that was my characters point not to relies on power but speed ,wit,and tools But you guys sure aren't making it easy
  4. Jason laughed at Ria's insults Oh your cute your just mad that no one would hang out with you as a kid and you didn't feel loved so now you lash out feeling all dark in brooding and misunderstood.Jason said as he put his hands to his face overdoing a pity expression and mocked Ria with fake tears. I'm so lonely and misunderstood I should just whine and yell and swear cause that solves my problems BOO HOO Jason mocked Listen here Jason said sternly as he walked up to Ria and jabbed his finger at her chest I've had so twenty people come in here with the same attitude as you and you know what happened? Jason didn't pause for an answer and just smiled and turned his head as if trying to amuse a child before speaking again. They all became bloodstains on the wall for the janitor to clean up either by me someone else, some didn't even have a chance and trust me they were all more powerful then you so what makes you so sure to tempt fate that you can get out of here. You couldn't even dodge one of my attacks Jason pointed at Ria's gash you already broke your claws and its all because of your brash decisions Jason seemed to almost shout trying to drive home the gravity of her actions. Jason stepped away but before he was done talking he added one more comment "your worthless to me now" in a low disappointed voice before walking off waiting for his cell block. He wasn't interested in talking to the Ria anymore. (Sry if I'm not giving anyone a chance to talk I think I'm having to much fun with these interactions)
  5. Jason's ears pricked up as Ria spoke I'm so glad you love me but I don't kill pets Jason said he looked at Ria his eyes big and and full of madness. Jason opened his mouth in a big grin showing his teath which had never seen a brush in years they were yellow but seemed slightly shapened. Jason walked over to Ria and whispered softly But if you insist I suggest you give up eating and sleeping unless you want to be my guard dragon, I'll even name you poochie. Jason backed away to a safe distance before talking again I'll even add not bright to the list looks like your animal prowess is all you have going for you. Shame I wanted an opponent smarter then lizard. But I suppose thats fine that's all you are anyway. Jason said before slumping his back against the wall once again.
  6. Hey you know that makes me wonder who would be the most powerful throne sitter because they can't all be equal I think the most powerful would be Wx-78 wendy willow (iffy) wigfrid Wes is idk I do hope that they flush out more of his character with the comics and animations as well as charlie to differentiate from maxwell as well as perhaps a prequeal of before maxwell changed or his early days on the throne. so far what I've gathered from items about wes's personalitly loving caring pacifist or avoids conflicts (survivor head)
  7. Jason nodded carlessly until he heard cellmates Jason flushed with anger Who am I sharing my cell with! Jason said through clenched teeth.
  8. I better have my trunk and my cell I have some stitching to do Jason pointed to the newly burnt hole in his outfit Do we all have medical supplies waiting for us, Unless lizard lips over there wants to chop off her arm for a fresh one? Jason asked the robot as he waited.
  9. Jason was caught aff guard with the blast and jumped late it whiffed him in the left shoulder even though he escaped most of it the fire ball burned a patch off his clothing and left a deep red mark on the ball of his shoulder.Ow that stings jason whined. his left arm shaking the exposed skin already started to harden and blister. You ruined a good suit pet! Jason yelled But I can't fight you now you have magic and I'm without my toys Jason said but I will have my fun. Jason looked at Victor bets our off but you will get your fight child but for now its over Jason leaned his back against the wall (your welcome :P) (got to even the playing field somehow)
  10. Jason smiled Yes lizard lady think of the children, Jason points to the girl with the flower yes think of the guilt you will feel after you end her life. Jason's eyes sparkled and his smile grew wider as he pictured her death and the sweet satisfaction. Jason looked at victor Oh poor boy don't waste your breath trying to tame this one. Jason walked up to Rai and put his face really close to her's almost touching and pulled his shotel out and said in a low manic voice She's not broken yet Jason slashes at her left arm.
  11. It's the NPC in genral he says its the stare that's minespatches quote why is my name showing ugh.
  12. I find that really funny because when I was little till I was like 5 I couldn't physically blink so all I could do was stare at people I couldn't move my eyes to the left or right either I'm sure if I met you then you'd be shaken in your boots.
  13. It was a no comment I was speechless cause I don't see how you think NPC maxwell is creepy is it the chin? does it just pierce your soul
  14. .... Nice rug,chair and walls:) derp why do I like the small things in people's houses
  15. Jason wakes up as the smell of the robot reaches him. He sits up and takes his mask from his belt and slips it on with a low CLUNK signaling the mask is in place. Jason walks over to the rest of the inmates and stares at Ria's broken wrist. I told you to control your mood Jason says as if he knew Ria hurting herself was inevitable. Salutations mega jukebox Jason says waving his right hand in a faint bow gesture. Show us to our rooms, make sure you bring my trunk and give lizard girl some medical attention fighters must be in peak condition or else its no fun,right? Jason says tiredly
  16. Yeah i want warly just criticizing everyones cooking skill in DS and their diet but I fear the characters will not be ported it might be a canon issue or the fact that when I did my poll for characters all shipwreck characters were in the lows except woodlegs but only a little
  17. Dude looks awesome very woodlegs the privateer
  18. Ban Pyromailmann cause of course you can it would just be sexual
  19. Ban Pyromailmann because he is a train and is suppose to be ridden on