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  1. What is with the sunflower theme If I may ask.
  2. Jason was going to die anyway on account with him being Lephyr probably right after his fight or during his fight with Ria
  3. idk I really liked jason I don't have anyother characters in mine that would fit considering magic isn't big in the world How long do I have to decide. (rip Jason may you regain your true self with the other performers in the sky)
  4. Jason couldn't hear,think,move,act he knew in the end he would die. Like so many others he wanted to live and like the robots they didn't care. (IDK what you wanted me to do)
  5. Jason scurried into the room above the workshop it was the closest room and pressed his back to the south wall
  6. Jason looked at the guns in anger "you son of a -" Jason ducked and crawled on the floor and wiggled his way to the corner. It was humiliating the floor was covered in oil and animal fur but I it was better then being a bullet dummy but only slightly.
  7. "no,no no no no" Jason said as the robot guards came and tackled Seven forcing the shock collar. "you can't do this she was learning" Jason shouted at the guards. I can't let you harm it Jason said to himself as he took out his Shotel and cut one of the guards in the neck. Jason screamed for help from the other prisoners but feared it was to late.
  8. you don't have to tell me that I already know
  9. that would be interesting though I lack the drawing skills to do any of these ships justice
  10. it was just an idea for a ship I think they make quite a couple or atleast a few funny interactions SW char need more love I need a ship for woodlegs all I have is wigfried for that because they are both crazy with wilbur and a banana tree and walnini and a surf board or sluper
  11. Would warly and wolfgang be a ship?
  12. Jason remained strong but with out his toys he was worried. Jason inched ever closer making sure to stay in Seven"s sight. "It's ok I won't hurt you, I know your scared they do bad things to us all the time ,but i'll protect you" Jason said calmly he inched closer. "how about you and I play a game?" does that seem fun?" Jason took out his die he always kept with him it was crude and scratched but it was all he had for a toy. "Here" Jason said and tossed the die to Seven it made a soft "pops" as it rolled across the floor to Seven's feet . "Now toss it back" Jason said as soothly as possible as he sat on his knees with the warming smile of a mother watching their children hoping Seven would calm down.
  13. Jason smiled the burn ointment made him feel so much better as he walked to go to his cell to get a new outfit.(current one in tatters) he noticed seven. "It's so evil I love it" Jason shouted with glee. He rushed over to Seven as she was attacking the robot "oh are you friendly I hate robots too" Jason said as if talking to a pet and he reached over to give Seven a nice rub on the head.
  14. "No one touches my suit" Jason said to himself after Ria left. "Robot nurses I seek medical attention for this burn" Jason pointed to his burn as he stood up.. (seemed appropriate honestly)
  15. "HOW DARE YOU LAUGH AT ME!" jason still on the ground pulled as hard as he could on Ria's tail trying to make her fall "I'm the ultmate fighter" Jason yelled
  16. Once Jason reached the magneta cell Jason removed the lid to the slime girl's container and looked at the slime girl. "aww your kind of cute" Jason said. Jason then saw Ria walking to the infirmary "NO YOU DON'T, I'm going to be first" Jason said hastily throwing the container in the cell and taking off to beat Ria.. Jason passed Ria gloating "your to slow" before tripping and tumbling into the infirmary signaled by a loud CLUNK and a weak "i'm ok" from Jason.
  17. Jason jumped around and and held up high in his arms the trapped slime. But he was cut off buy the robot telling them their rooms and Jason took notes. (I actually did that) Jason realizing he had the slime girl meant that he had to take it back to it's room "man why do I have to babysit" Jason whined. and took off as quick as he could to the Magenta cell
  18. Ban Giddyguy for their uncomforable profile banner.
  19. (ok I appericate the effect but for me this is getting way to hard to read)
  20. And to think this is all because of a civilation persuit of knowlege that caused the DS timeline IDK about you but that is one hell of a butterfly effect or is it domino affect
  21. Jason was revolted and sad "Why does everything this slime ball does is vomit and why does it always land on me" Jason screamed and cried as the slim baby vomited on the robots papers and in turn his suit. Jason took his hands and tried to remove the slime but it was no use all Jason's panicking did was smear the slime more on his suit. "That's it" Jason yelled and he procceed to grab a plastic container emptying it of papers and a plastic broom snapping the broom so he could use it as a stick he procceeded to force the slime girl into the container using the stick. During his struggles he heard Ria and the Sand king talking and couldn't help chime in his own thoughts "Humans made robots, Rai your not a robot even if love me to much to admit it your more human then machine,If you help me we can find the medical room, seriously though I need help" Jason said panted through breaths of exhaustion. EDIT I didn't reply fast enough so this is a little jumbled sorry
  22. They're sweet innocent and evil that checks off all the boxes on my list
  23. is the shipwreck DLC and characters Canon

    also what char is your favorite?

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