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  1. Nah just right place right time the surface form only follows you The cave version will follow and attack for you and the atruim will do nothing for you and is still hostile
  2. Volx just posted a video saying the thriuble doesn't work on the 3rd skeleton form
  3. Fair. Though I think it's safe to say he is far from an example of a normal civ citizen from clues Yes?
  4. thanks for the correction I knew it was one of the two but considering how much youi can get with klaus I said klaus
  5. yeah but he seems more important not like a normal citizen the way he addresses you makes me thing of a king or seer and he is called fuel weaver which makes me think he could be the creator of the fuel
  6. This is not a bug Bundling wrap has become a boss blueprint from the Klaus bossfight
  7. Jan can you put those in spoilers? so somepeople don't see
  8. Looks cute though I have a strange fear that it will rip my face off.
  9. Yeah I know one of my pet peeves is Wendy's hair from the back because it constantly overlaps with her other pigtail and drives me insane as it just constantly overlaps back and forth.
  10. Wait maxwell survived a bearger wound! IMPOSSIBLE completely unrealistic I felt slightly moved someone get me WX-78!
  11. I love LGR
    dude is so nuts plus his Duke Nukem impression is spot on


    1. Mobbstar


      Its use- and pointlessness is what makes it so fascinating. But unlike a 1000 degree knife, this video is actually somewhat educational.

  12. What a rebel looks nice though furry bunnies faces always creep me out
  13. try this For weapons and tools Here's armor
  14. I would but I got in almost big trouble for that anyway ban wetermelen and destros for wasting my time
  15. Well no its just that those that you point out are just concepts but the rose skins actually exist and are in game be it a different platform so it seems logical to have more hope for the Rose skins for at the same time Kiel had the same time had more or the same time to release any of the "concept" skins.
  16. Also Tencent doesnt have the GoH skins so they have the rose instead
  17. all looks good though it looks like the flower is giving him depression I thought he was posing for a "YEAH!" till I saw the expression all looks good. your styling of his hair is one of the closest to the source material I'm curious how you do it so well?
  18. It's your thread you can basiclly do what ever you want with it we only come after you if a fight starts or you break a guidline everyone is pretty chill (well most)
  19. ban geni for being the second to make that pun in this thread and no