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  1. Wes without his makeup


    Image result for league of draven mona lisa


  2. Happy Nome Day

  3. I'm so glad I don't follow you wierdo looks like I dodged a hefty bullet or bell in this case

  4. What are these from Well Abigail still follows ghost logic so take one step back and hit (it almost looks like a dance if you do it fast enough) So I place my bet on maxwell.
  5. Likes for anyone who replies
    cause why not for the entire month of April I'll be doing really dum stuff here.

    1. Donke60


      Sadly no for I like art rections so I'm like the discount version you get as walmart or costco.

    2. DragonMage156


      Who needs a like giveaway when you have @minespatch and @Ninjanemo ;):p

    3. minespatch
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  6. A discord is an app on computer or mobile it's basically a chat service and there are servers to talk about anything as well as voice chat. so it's like skype or teamspeak
  7. Wilson just be glad you go a flirting man even if he is as dum as the meat he eats. Nice work by the way.
  8. there was never armor stacking and the durabilty of armors changed not how much hey absorb here is a mod that where you can change the durabilty or more so returns the armor to DS standards Here is the stacking
  9. Congrats on your senior member title matey

    I'll go get the "home" for ya.

  10. Am I the only one that thinks Warly might be a ravenous and bloody killer
    who hides his murderous tendencies under the guise of a chef. Hiding his appetite of constant bloodshed and picking on new things, as him being a "picky" eater.

    Wow thats really demented isn't it?
    Well in any case I'm waiting for that creeypasta.

    1. Donke60


      I don't think he could go into cannibalism he still a gent and is superstitious 
      and it's common knowledge of bad omens of human flesh

    2. Mobbstar


      *cough* Hannibal Lecter *cough*

    3. Donke60


      We don't talk about him!
      I honestly don't like him as a killer not sure why

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  11. What do you mean? I haven't seen it though usally I look for fan art for specific characters I wanna see but I feel like I'll regret it Well looks like you've been busy
  12. + Well given how each character examines shadow fuel differently as well I think the thruble shows them what they like or desire almost like a siren song and I think before forible taking characters thats how they lured in Maxwell they give you want you want but in return you are forever theirs until replaced.
  13. I would but it bugs you so much I find it wouldn't entertain me if I stooped SO? yeah.
  14. I think it's safe to say in a world of killer (everything) and hybrid monsters and an alien race decency goes out the window Unless your maxwell
  15. I still think it's a name for it is used in proper noun and looks as if he is addressing someone in conversation
  16. Please stop tagging the devs it's turning into spam
  17. As much as I would like Wes to honestly have a voice. Considering Wes doesn't say anything no matter his pain or circumstance I think it's pretty safe to say Wes himself is mute and doesn't have a voice because he can't physically say anything. Though I would like him to have spefic or slight different animations when examining key items or people.