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  1. You did it again guys For shame you have to show it first (I haven't slept today) Weeeeeeeeeeeee!
  2. Dude necro not cool though do look at the dates before you reply and close threads that haven't been replied to in years @ImDaMisterL can you close this relic to the past.
  3. There is no place for innocence in the The Wild.
  4. The more you know He's got like duck lips going on. If I could suggest something I think you should use these to pictures for refernce And this link As carter has much more natural looking face and less o
  5. Too Much ART @.@ I often forget you do your pieces in color since they are mostly monochrome or I just don't pay attention
  6. You guys wanna play with some balls

  7. I wonder can get followers just by asking? hmm.

    Can I have more followers?

    Perfect plan :p

    1. Destros09


      You do know  that like one person that isn't subscribed will see this

    2. DragonMage156


      I'm already following so...

    3. Donke60


      Well I knew that just.. uh... I didn't... Think the plan through. SHUT UP I'M SMART >.< !

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  8. Do I look fierce with my new profile picture
    Also you does the art for the DS trailers its really nice.

    1. Donke60


      Well I know that but we know the righter and we know that a guy named John and somother person does the DS art. But I'm wondering do they do the art for the animations too or is it a different person at Kiel.

    2. minespatch
    3. Donke60


      Hey you found it you know what ruins that for me. That a frame latter he pulls a face that like Homer froms the Simpsons.

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  9. I guess they found a use for that change jar.
  10. Yes its a percent like 5% thats why if you have ever sold anything on the market the amount you want is slightly inflated because the devloper and steam take a cut.
  11. How did you do that so fast? the miner hat is my favorite.
  12. You know what this means this is Why PC and console players hate eachother.
  13. Well it seems not unless all your save data for DST is one the playstation cloud. Though for my eldest who uses a PS4 thats what works for him I wouldn't know for sure because I don't have a Ps4 so I play DS on computer.
  14. Those if you were in the Beta and doing the DS puzzles which aren't in the PS4 yet though @nome said they were working on giving you guys a way to get the puzzle skins. Also i know.
  15. From the skin drops in-game though they are the rarest of the skins. Common Classy Spiffy Distinguished Elegant those are the rarities that you can get with out doing anything special.
  16. Would you rather have A Hollowed Night torch last time I checked they went for 30 dollars
  17. Ok,I know I missed my one-thosand post but YAY

  18. So relatable to me and my older brother he got all the growth spurts too.
  19. With a One-man band reskin to make them look like bagpipes!
  20. Kiel when do we get the Scottish kilt skin I wanna be a stereotype