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  1. -say pal you look a little tired you might want to take a rest when works done 

    1. ImDaMisterL


      I was actually very sick yesterday and the day before, feeling a bit better now. Hopefully I'll keep it that way, or better.

  2. I think that's just the component that keeps track of mobs health like all monsters and things have health bars they're just invisible for mu I think that's just the component that keeps track of mops health like all monsters and things have health bars they're just invisible for use to see
  3. ONION stands for Omnipresent Nerds Infactuated on Opening Nappies
  4. Guys why did you close Wolfgang thread I really wanted to know

    what a manga bas was?

    also @Ressayez look what your joke threads have done

    which reminds me :wilson_sneaky:

    "what could go wrong" Bubsy TV

    1. minespatch


      Sorry for my frustration. Just been seeing a lot of joke threads recently in general(like "tier"). No harsh feelings, yeah?

    2. Ressayez



      Nobody's angry here, the guy who posted that is a good friend of mine, he's not upset.

    3. minespatch


      Alright. Sorry, my post on that new thread was a bit passive aggressive.:wilson_dorky:

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  5. Bat zombie more then meets the eye the Wilson warg one is me when I meet strangers
  6. "So you wanna be a video game star"


    1. minespatch


      Cartoon pilot or game Bubsy?

    2. Donke60


      Game bubsy 3d

    3. Donke60


       Another one of my favorites is 

      "Aren't these game designers wonderful " bubsy 3D

      he's got some other quotes from his last known games such as the original and two but doing these game "it's kind of fun

  7. How's life being a tuxexdo 

    1. Donke60


      I think that collars to tight on you

    2. ImDaMisterL


      I don't tux so.

    3. Donke60


      I think I'll have to strike you down sry for being a tie breaker 

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  8. I'd devote my life to you but I have better things to do... Just let me think of some real quick
  9. That's very useful so I don't see that as a bad thing
  10. Goh more likely though the way DS does female eyes makes them look soulless well in your art style
  11. Greetings are you going to be more active on here

    kind of wish the wiki had a more relaxed tone eh doesn't matter just wanted to say hi 

    1. Mueck


      Hey, thanks for your message! ;) I'm always checking the new threads here, I just don't post that often.

      I'm sorry if you had bad experiences communicating with others at the wiki, actually I felt we had a quite respectful and positive tone with each other there.

    2. Donke60


      Well  it's not that it's just it feels like it moves very slowly there that there's not much community interaction which I understand because it's an encyclopedia but it makes the place feel empty or Barren

  12. Really gives a candy vibe I guess it could work as cute gore I favor dark themes though I really luv the edges
  13. Forum Anniversery? uh is that a normal thing to celebrate? Nice art the Webber Warly and the kitty ones are my favorite Don't you know that backpacks are magical
  14. I think Walani just aged 10 years with that quote
  15. This is stuck in my head


    1. Mobbstar


      Where in the world is your god now?

    2. Donke60


      heck if I know :p

    3. minespatch
  16. Why is Wes so sad it looks likes he mourning a little? Also the BG for the portaits is awesome looking I know this is off topic I just keep seeing Wilbur in a thucite crown and woodlegs dressed in all gold
  17. My Idea was to make just one big template of the creature then spray around that so your only spraying the online but you had serval breaks in your templates so I don't think sprays can do that.
  18. The nightmare hand is my favorite The Crawling horror is the weakest though I don't think there is much you could of done because I don't know how sprays work.