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  1. On 2/25/2019 at 11:16 AM, ResettePlayer said:


    You see it now, don't you.... yes, yes, watch as it toils....

    A greasy 20 year old, pallid, and speckled with acne. The skin on the backs of its hands is dried and cracked, assuming the texture of fine sandpaper. Its overgrown fingernails click against a large mug of lukewarm tea, which it moves to its proboscis-like mouth. The shift of the mug is more horizontal than vertical, as this creature has the posture of a candy cane.

    Its face hangs mere centimetres from the open page of a sketchbook, scanning every grain and mark with unblinking, bloodshot eyes. Only rarely does it risk a breath for fear than a natural movement of the body should destroy its masterpiece. The creature claims to be aware that its task is impossible, but its actions say otherwise; the thing is constantly trying to create the masterpiece of its time, the one flawless work of art that finally appreciated by the masses, who would then give it money. This creature is the artist, the dreamer, and the fool.



    This seems like fun I want to do one, so I'm gonna
    Imagine before you a pale man, who's skin stretches over his frame wrapping around every crevice,an space of bone in minuet detail. each small movment marked by the sound of cracking bone an popping muscle. his hands an feet forever carry winter's icy touch. Unseen scars bore into the creatures flesh many, many times till nothing fills its slender frame as clothes droop around around this man's forever looking malnourished body. his face forever home to the terrible curse of acne giving his cheeks the slightest hit of warm rosy color. Against his sun-starved skin. he looks on at a screen that forever cuts through the darkness of his room, with tired eyes bent low each key stroke delivered with heavy quick strike that always feels labored an slow. As the man smiles with his big cracked red lips, it forever printed on his face. A laugh always foretold by the popping unlocking of his jaw as he lets show his gnarled teeth. This is donkie the man behind the mirror

    Oh that was fun shame its not as long as yours:( kind of wrote myself out of being descriptive or else it would have felt clunky to go back an forth back an forth.
    you should focus on cultivating your own fans an your own brand as an artist rather then always in the shadow trying to appease an idol. these people are just people an do not know your hardships that went into every piece you labored over an its quite foolish to think they should imo. thats why you should stick to what you want to draw an focus on yourself. :D



    2 hours ago, ResettePlayer said:

    How much drama and suspense does a typical MacTusk hunt entail?

    about as much drama as finding your aloof cat, sad to say 

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