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    1. DragonMage156


      Saw that one. Still as cute as the first ^_^

    2. minespatch


      Showed that to my father the other day.

  2. with a few alterations I can see Maxwell singing this

    1. minespatch


      Perfect. Needs a animatic sometime.  Maxwell... Voiced by Spongebob. |D

      Also, another great song:





    2. DragonMage156


      I recognized that voice as Ice King... is it the same voice actor as Spongebob? (Cos I didn't know that XD )

    3. minespatch


      Tom Kenny. Yup.

      Closest normal voice I know him for is as the father in Miles from Tomorrowland.

  3. You guys wanna play with some balls

  4. Well figured it was going to happen was going to warn him or her but guess a mod beat me to thanks mod people

    1. Zeklo


      Probably for the best. I was getting rather heated myself.

    2. Donke60


      yeah same but you can't reason with everyone and sometimes you just need to walk away get the popcorn and enjoy

      this should be a lesson about not posting when you are angry but knowing me i'll forget the lesson in a week

  5.  I have become fabulous look upon my rose tinted  glory and then are at the handsomeness that is I  

    Thnx @CheeseNuggets101

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    2. minespatch


      I remember when I saw those Shipwrecked skins. Nice art.

    3. CheeseNuggets101


      I have yet to post Walani, Wilbur, and Woodlegs' rose skin I drew forever ago still, maybe one day

    4. DragonMage156


      I love to see a full image of all these. Are they gonna be in your art thread (if you have one :p )

  6. "So you wanna be a video game star"


    1. minespatch


      Cartoon pilot or game Bubsy?

    2. Donke60


      Game bubsy 3d

    3. Donke60


       Another one of my favorites is 

      "Aren't these game designers wonderful " bubsy 3D

      he's got some other quotes from his last known games such as the original and two but doing these game "it's kind of fun


     Guys I think one of my wishes came true but in the worst way possible 

    But if so can we have Tomba,Gex, kid klown and hylide come back next and Rystar 

    1. minespatch


      Bubys already looks improved. I wouldn't mind if him and Daxter had a crossover in the future.

    2. minespatch


      If Accolade gets enough complaints, they can have Rob Paulson return and have the game in a 2d esque look a la Dragon Quest 8. Though if the game is tweaked well enough, the gameplay should be fun.


      Tomba really needs a return. Loved playing the demo as a kid at the local blockbuster in California.

    3. Donke60


       Well if we use the past games as examples every time the developer tries to fix something usually increases a handful of other new issues and it's been like with that with every Bubsy game so for me I think the trend  is going to continue

  8. :mad-new::wilson_cry:


    1. minespatch


      Good job... "Hamsters".
      Wonder how long it will take. I want to spam more of my ds art in the DS Discord.

  9. unknown.png

    me my gf and another friend seren bean


  10. Congratulations on your 1001 post 


    Am I going to get banned now 


  11. Give me something entertaining

    Image result for cute spider face

    1. Mobbstar


      Watch Extra-History. I recommend their series on the first crusade, it is very story-like while retaining historical value.

    2. Donke60


      already did I love the history of money series

    3. Mobbstar


      Learn a bit about the twelve principles of animation? They help with drawing still pictures too!

  12. Greetings are you going to be more active on here

    kind of wish the wiki had a more relaxed tone eh doesn't matter just wanted to say hi 

    1. Mueck


      Hey, thanks for your message! ;) I'm always checking the new threads here, I just don't post that often.

      I'm sorry if you had bad experiences communicating with others at the wiki, actually I felt we had a quite respectful and positive tone with each other there.

    2. Donke60


      Well  it's not that it's just it feels like it moves very slowly there that there's not much community interaction which I understand because it's an encyclopedia but it makes the place feel empty or Barren

  13. Guys why did you close Wolfgang thread I really wanted to know

    what a manga bas was?

    also @Ressayez look what your joke threads have done

    which reminds me :wilson_sneaky:

    "what could go wrong" Bubsy TV

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    2. minespatch


      Sorry for my frustration. Just been seeing a lot of joke threads recently in general(like "tier"). No harsh feelings, yeah?

    3. Ressayez



      Nobody's angry here, the guy who posted that is a good friend of mine, he's not upset.

    4. minespatch


      Alright. Sorry, my post on that new thread was a bit passive aggressive.:wilson_dorky:

  14. Hello Squid girl can I have some miso noodles


    1. ImDaMisterL


      I'm too busy trying to take over the world right now, geso!

  15. I broke my like button 

    Anyone have a replacement? 

    Not sorry @DragonMage156  XD

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    2. Donke60


      You know you love it

    3. minespatch


      Thankfully I figured out mathetically that 25 notifications is one page.

    4. DragonMage156


      I could have told you that :p

  16. I can now do this i just had to unblock them

    anyway I will be doing a Wes withdral til friday so the 2nd
     and I have to play other characters but no Wes its not you buddy its me :(

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    2. Donke60


      I suck as wickerbottom I just get to book happy all the spells

    3. GiddyGuy



      I suck as wickerbottom

      I can teach you how to wiki...TOGETHER!

    4. Donke60



  17. I got an egg
    and it hatched this cutey
    I can now use him as an in-game avatar


    1. minespatch


      He's quite the poofy guy.

  18. I love LGR
    dude is so nuts plus his Duke Nukem impression is spot on


    1. Mobbstar


      Its use- and pointlessness is what makes it so fascinating. But unlike a 1000 degree knife, this video is actually somewhat educational.

  19. I need a date which one of lucky ladies once to go with a stud like me? (realizes most followers are probably dudes)

    Which one of you lucky guys once to go on a date with a stud like me? (nailed it)

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    2. ImDaMisterL
    3. Nimra


      *grabs Donke and Master Jand into a headlock hug.*

      First jand your joke was funny i laughed.

      Second Donke in my professional opinion as a girl, you are cute and sweet!

      *Drops both to the ground.*

      OK! Thats enough touching and emotional talk, i have an experiment to get back to.

      *Loud explosion for the background.*

      Oh no.........

    4. Donke60


      The things I miss while d

      sleeping haga

  20. I wonder can get followers just by asking? hmm.

    Can I have more followers?

    Perfect plan :p

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    2. Destros09


      You do know  that like one person that isn't subscribed will see this

    3. DragonMage156


      I'm already following so...

    4. Donke60


      Well I knew that just.. uh... I didn't... Think the plan through. SHUT UP I'M SMART >.< !

  21. I would of put this on a thread talking about Winiona but it would of just been buried with a bunch of back and forth nonsense, and I wanted what I had to say want I wanted to say about her in a safe space (hehe).

    For this character I'm disappointed. I saw it hinted at in SW with the characters but back then and even now I didn't know if the fault for the character designs or mechanics were Kiel's or Capy's fault and everyone wanted to blame the latter.

    But this time I know all I can do is blame Kiel for this. I do not want this, or this design changes they've been doing in DST lately more and more its lowkey benefiting only the noobs of the game. Everyone just blends together like before strange new powers was realized and everyone was basically Wilson + something and its bad, because everyone was bland; We saw that same design is SW and the only character that most liked was Woodlegs because he was the most outlandish and when I say that I mean he was interesting and fun for people that played him or even to people that didn't even like him he was atleast interesting.

    When something is made "official" people expect a seal of quality. Something better then a common man/modder can do. I'm not angry just dissappointed because it feels like the Quality of characters has really gone down for the characters we've gotten so far and Winiona I feel prove this because this wasn't a collab this was purely Kiel's work no other company could of done meddling that I'm aware of no scapegoats. Which leaves me to wonder will she just be there to exist. I didn't expect her to be really good but I expected her to be better than this as many have said before "there are mod characters better and or more imaginative then her." and I agree.

    I'm just dissappointed:

    • her art looks bad especially the portait
    • she feels lazy
    • she adds nothing new

    • cool concept
    • nice reference to time period
    • all skins that aren't classic look ok
    • atleast she's new?


    I'm sure people will play/main her and will find almost everything she can do and will continue to play and support the charcter no matter how the public views her I do the same wiht Warly. But my concern is, when does the commuity agree or band together and give a collective "NO" becuae this update makes it seem like it will never do that. will things just drift lower and lower in quality or concern as long as 1 to 5 people are happy with it? Where' the bar that we make far ourselvews where once it goes this far we just say NO or fix it to make it better?

    I know this sounds preachy or to some may sound like entiltelment but its my personal opinion and a genuine Worry I have. Whats the point of sticking to a game or show if everything they release just gets worse and worse?

    Well I guess its better I made this a status update then a post on some thread somewhere. 

    As I write this I the Winina update released and apperently they forgot the tape recipe how embarrassing or ironic. :p

    1. minespatch


      Hey, at least you got your thoughts out. Maybe you can comment this on the update? The hotfix update?

    2. DragonMage156


      Ok I admit, I'm not so sure about most of DS/T's updates (and I have yet to try out Winona myself so I can't say much here) but this is just a rough test if anything. They'll probably update and fix her as time goes on (and honestly, I was more peeved that we didn't get a lore filled trailer with Charlie and Winona but instead Hamlet. But hey, I did just say Winona's a WIP).

  22. I wrote this not sure why? (Well actually I do know why as I reread this) I wanted to share I have more of the story I've been rather sick for a few weeks and still am so I thought I show you guys this because I miss making things for people to see. (and also I need a way to feed my ego so that I don't think i'm total garbage)

    I don't know what's going on. How I got here,if i can leave or if I'm even in the same world. But I'm scared and all I can remember were hearing the murmers of a man and when I awoke I found this jornal by my side and noticed that i'm not in my home anymore. Everything seems peaceful but there is a sense of madness to this "place". Trees don't look the same animals or weird hybrids to abomnations. Every night I hear whispers and feel as if someone is following me. What is this place? What does it want? I don't know and it scares me, I'm so afraid the only solice I have is writing my thoughts down,but as I read them I feel like i'm slowly losing my mind. 

    I came across a village of some sort it was made by pig people they were rather friendly. I asked too stay with them, for being in a house seemed better then the cold ground. But they just said "stay away" (I think there huts only serve one anyway) They did help me when I offered meat that I found on the side of the road(lucky me) and help me get wood and kill some spiders. Which was great I'm glad I'm not the only one that hates them though I hated them before they were the size of a dog. Today was rather peaceful maybe this place isn't so bad at least the "people" are nice, maybe I was overreacting and all that stuff yesterday was in my head?

    I don't know exactly why but I have a strange compulsion to keep going forward;a strange urge to find something but I don't know what I want to go home but this feeling is different. It's driving me it's showing me things I didn't even know I could do I've made a machine How I don't know but that's not it I see more machines,more things, luxuries, Have I finally lost it?  How can I do this? Why can I do this?  WHAT COMPELS  ME TO GO FORWARD!?. 

    I killed something today and I feel awful but I was so hungry. I just couldn't stop myself I turned away as it screamed it was a bunny, A POOR BUNNY! Whats wrong with me? This place is turning me into a monster, a beast, i'm scared what if I get free I can't return to my home and I'm shunned by society? Do I belong here? I haven't seen that "man" anywhere other then a few statues he has the biggest ego I've ever seen. Where is he or did he exist and is no more I found dead bodies before but they were skeletons. Could he have died was that voice I heard when I first got here a dream,an illusion am I going to die here?

    I don't think I care anymore. About the life here or about mine. It was getting colder so I killed some "cows" and even as I made hats and had the blood dampened fur in my backpack I felt nothing. Do I lack compassion, am I souless? This place didn't to me I will find the "guy" or "thing" responisble and I will kill him he ruined my life. He made me a monster! I had goals,ambitiions, A FAMILY! and he TOOK THEM ALL AWAY! I'M A MONSTER I'M A MONSTER I'm a monster I"m

    Things are getting harder the monsters now seek me out. This place is magical a cyclops tried to kill me and a walrus family; the family was kinda funny though till he shot me. Well the proud father is now  missing a tooth and the "son"(?) a father. hehe this world thinks it can kill me not anymore. I WILL GET OUT OF HERE!



    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. DragonMage156


      Well I mean yeah. It isn't as long as the status update makes it look and I do like a good short DS themed story.

      I'm also gonna tag @minespatch cos reasons. He might have some useful tips up his sleeve. Either that or he can just enjoy the story :)

    3. minespatch


      Wise move making this a status before putting it to thread like I have:

      Also wise to do paragraph breaks instead of walls of text. Makes the flow easier for the reader. I say hold back and let @Arlesienne or another editor of your choice take a look at your first draft and then do a second draft to see how people will recieve it and then the final draft should be able to be put to thread.

    4. Nimra


      This looks really good as the other's say check, check and check again. Having somebody else look at your work is a good idea, as for the person writing things can blend in to one. they may also be able to tell you a better way of saying something. having a chat with another is a good way of getting an idea rolling if you get stuck.

  23. i'm sure you don't get requests often or you might but I would like to make one. @minepatch gave me a neat idea after comment on one of my song parodies nd i was wondering if you could draw a picture using the based on the lyrics. I thought it would be neat and really thankful if you did you don't have to of course don't feel bad to say no anyway here is the snippet


    I came in like a aba- a- gail
    I never got hit so hard 
    All I wanted was to tank the mobs
    All they ever did was break me
    Yeah,they killed me
    I put you high up in the thick
    And now, you're not coming out
    It slowly turned, I let you burn
    And now, we're dead on the ground


    1. rubiidiums


      o ye of course!! i will do it when i have time to do it
      sorry for slow response tho

    2. Donke60