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  1. I love LGR
    dude is so nuts plus his Duke Nukem impression is spot on


    1. Mobbstar


      Its use- and pointlessness is what makes it so fascinating. But unlike a 1000 degree knife, this video is actually somewhat educational.

  2. should I make a Warly guide?

    I want to know if there is any interest in the guide

    Steam doesn't have any guide on him as far as I know neither the wiki (though all guides their could use an update)

    I say this out of curiosity rather then validation 

    so I just wanted to here people's thoughts if I guide would be useful or not

    or if a character guide should be made of someone else

    idk its just an idea I had since SW characters aren't given much screen time as far as i'm aware I thought a guide would might boost people's opinion on Warly.


    1. Donke60


      or characters with a bad image
      such as DST Williow
      why can't you edit status updates?

  3. Ok a game I like just released a promo I thought it was funny so I thought I'd share
    I'm putting it in a spoiler because even though it is pretty tame some might not like the themes
    Contains: murder, and insanity




    1. DragonMage156


      Me neither. That's why I force myself to watch them when it gets up to 20 or something XD

    2. Donke60


      would you be scared if I told you I put a video there and didn't watch it till I found it two years later by accident?


    3. DragonMage156


      Procrastination at it's best XD

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  4. love the new picture you look more unnerving now 

    1. Net Spectre

      Net Spectre

      Why, thank you.

  5. Well my DS warly run ended killed by tentcle (I suck kiting those)
    now i'm doing wendy cause it was either her or williow and its going so great it's slightly boring

    My DST warly is still alive and he just finished killing deer clops 
    I miss warly's crockpot already :(

  6. My crockpots disappeared yet the shown up on the map
    the last picture shows them reappear after I log in an out but man it's weird what is with Don't Starve and mods messing with crockpots

    I want to say this was the Mod's fault but this is the first time it has happened to me and it's not a know mod bug with Warly mod i'm using so? Just thought it was weird

    next updates will be phantom objects and hallucations I'm calling it

    1. Donke60


      Nope you can ply cook warly dishes in his own pot in my version which can't be crafted

    2. DragonMage156


      Then maybe it's a glitch within the game files. You can either ask @Mobbstar or post it in the game bugs section.

    3. Donke60


      I'll post if it happens again

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  7. I once had a dream where I saw all my memories in crystals and the important ones were red crystals and I just watched all my memories in 3rd person perspective really weird I must say

    1. Donke60


      Well it was just me 
      we won't know until we die
      and by then we can't tell anybody
      I think thats whats so mysterious about death

    2. ImDaMisterL


      That sounds like Inside Out.

    3. Donke60


      I would say I was influenced but it is not possible since I had the dream a year before the game came out and I haven't seen inside out

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  8. Dupe Wes is so creepy

    1. ImDaMisterL
    2. Donke60


      : ) 
      burn the impostor with FIRE!

  9. is the shipwreck DLC and characters Canon

    also what char is your favorite?

    1. Donke60



      Geez shadow replying to some old stuff

    2. DatShadowJK
    3. watermelen671


      I mean, @nome seems to like most of the posts I make X3

      Maybe I'm just the exception, not the norm, I mean, @nome

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  10. Give me something entertaining

    Image result for cute spider face

    1. Mobbstar


      Watch Extra-History. I recommend their series on the first crusade, it is very story-like while retaining historical value.

    2. Donke60


      already did I love the history of money series

    3. Mobbstar


      Learn a bit about the twelve principles of animation? They help with drawing still pictures too!

  11. List of favorite characters (that doesn't mean i'm good with them)


    Characters I'm good with

    Woodlegs (land)

    1. Nimra


      Can i say i find it funny and impressive, that the character your good at is one of the hardest to keep alive. Wes is so hard.

    2. Donke60


      I've played him for a long long time he was the character I wanted most when I got the game so when I figured out how console commands worked I unlocked him and got him and have played him ever since he was my tutorial character I was a noob and I played him and got better then when I played someone different they seemed so easy. even though I'm not good enough to build megabases or do caves very well Wes will always hold a place in my heart

    3. Nimra


      AWWWW!!!!! That's exactly how Woodie was for me. When DST came out all my family played, we made a great team.

      mum:did farms and cooking she'd pick Wickerbottom or mostly WX.

      step dad: did hunting and protecting he'd pick wolfgang or wigfrid.

      sister: would do a lot of exploring she'd pick Wilson, Webber or Wendy.

      me: I always called shotgun on playing Woodie, I'd look after wood stores and setting traps for rabbits. Sometimes I'd pick willow or Wendy for a change.

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  12. I have a question what are your favortite characters from 1-10 also are you going to do any challeges as webber I know his skull has become a staple in your video though I'm curious ok I'm done bugging you

    1. BluesyBuesy


      I like Wolfgang and Wickerbottom a lot. I might eventually do something with Webber, but not anytime soon. 

  13. What ever your poliitical views are thats your buisness and your own but this man I think we can all agree has the patients of a saint (I love the recommended section sometimes)


    1. Mobbstar


      What is this even?

    2. Donke60


      some dude picked at a aperment coplex for wearing a #BuildaWall shirt as we was relaxing. That dude though is just so calm during all of it I thought it was funny.

  14. I present knick knack


  15. I can now do this i just had to unblock them

    anyway I will be doing a Wes withdral til friday so the 2nd
     and I have to play other characters but no Wes its not you buddy its me :(

    1. Donke60


      I suck as wickerbottom I just get to book happy all the spells

    2. GiddyGuy



      I suck as wickerbottom

      I can teach you how to wiki...TOGETHER!

    3. Donke60



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  16. Well figured it was going to happen was going to warn him or her but guess a mod beat me to thanks mod people

    1. Zeklo


      Probably for the best. I was getting rather heated myself.

    2. Donke60


      yeah same but you can't reason with everyone and sometimes you just need to walk away get the popcorn and enjoy

      this should be a lesson about not posting when you are angry but knowing me i'll forget the lesson in a week

  17. I left an idea for a anti greif mechnic that is pretty simple on the public server regonition if you wanted to see it Just thought I tell you directly since its gotten a little war down there with Ecu and the Ten dude.

  18. i'm sure you don't get requests often or you might but I would like to make one. @minepatch gave me a neat idea after comment on one of my song parodies nd i was wondering if you could draw a picture using the based on the lyrics. I thought it would be neat and really thankful if you did you don't have to of course don't feel bad to say no anyway here is the snippet


    I came in like a aba- a- gail
    I never got hit so hard 
    All I wanted was to tank the mobs
    All they ever did was break me
    Yeah,they killed me
    I put you high up in the thick
    And now, you're not coming out
    It slowly turned, I let you burn
    And now, we're dead on the ground


    1. rubiidiums


      o ye of course!! i will do it when i have time to do it
      sorry for slow response tho

    2. Donke60