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  1. first hound wave in SW guess it would be a crocwave
    only one croc spawns leaves Monster meat on ground while I check for more, inventory was full

    as you can see this was during a hurricane warning

    walk a few feet to base
    3 sharx spawn out of no where fully on land
    2 of them are captured in the photo



    EDIT you know how I said there were 3 sharks their was a total of 6 instead

    EDIT 2 I'm up to 8 sharks now they won't stop spawning I'm trying to pick up the meat as fast as possible

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  2. 27 minutes ago, TheBlob said:

    I just want to add that I've also noticed this with the regular crockpot and Wilson, so it's not just a Warly thing. I clicked on the crockpot while Wilson was standing over at the research station and he deigned to teleport the food over to him instead of walking three feet to the pot.

    Pictured: impressive dedication to science

    Oh good thought I was going crazy

    they hit the ground so hard everything just crumbles around him.

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