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  1. I would of put this on a thread talking about Winiona but it would of just been buried with a bunch of back and forth nonsense, and I wanted what I had to say want I wanted to say about her in a safe space (hehe).

    For this character I'm disappointed. I saw it hinted at in SW with the characters but back then and even now I didn't know if the fault for the character designs or mechanics were Kiel's or Capy's fault and everyone wanted to blame the latter.

    But this time I know all I can do is blame Kiel for this. I do not want this, or this design changes they've been doing in DST lately more and more its lowkey benefiting only the noobs of the game. Everyone just blends together like before strange new powers was realized and everyone was basically Wilson + something and its bad, because everyone was bland; We saw that same design is SW and the only character that most liked was Woodlegs because he was the most outlandish and when I say that I mean he was interesting and fun for people that played him or even to people that didn't even like him he was atleast interesting.

    When something is made "official" people expect a seal of quality. Something better then a common man/modder can do. I'm not angry just dissappointed because it feels like the Quality of characters has really gone down for the characters we've gotten so far and Winiona I feel prove this because this wasn't a collab this was purely Kiel's work no other company could of done meddling that I'm aware of no scapegoats. Which leaves me to wonder will she just be there to exist. I didn't expect her to be really good but I expected her to be better than this as many have said before "there are mod characters better and or more imaginative then her." and I agree.

    I'm just dissappointed:

    • her art looks bad especially the portait
    • she feels lazy
    • she adds nothing new

    • cool concept
    • nice reference to time period
    • all skins that aren't classic look ok
    • atleast she's new?


    I'm sure people will play/main her and will find almost everything she can do and will continue to play and support the charcter no matter how the public views her I do the same wiht Warly. But my concern is, when does the commuity agree or band together and give a collective "NO" becuae this update makes it seem like it will never do that. will things just drift lower and lower in quality or concern as long as 1 to 5 people are happy with it? Where' the bar that we make far ourselvews where once it goes this far we just say NO or fix it to make it better?

    I know this sounds preachy or to some may sound like entiltelment but its my personal opinion and a genuine Worry I have. Whats the point of sticking to a game or show if everything they release just gets worse and worse?

    Well I guess its better I made this a status update then a post on some thread somewhere. 

    As I write this I the Winina update released and apperently they forgot the tape recipe how embarrassing or ironic. :p

    1. minespatch


      Hey, at least you got your thoughts out. Maybe you can comment this on the update? The hotfix update?

    2. DragonMage156


      Ok I admit, I'm not so sure about most of DS/T's updates (and I have yet to try out Winona myself so I can't say much here) but this is just a rough test if anything. They'll probably update and fix her as time goes on (and honestly, I was more peeved that we didn't get a lore filled trailer with Charlie and Winona but instead Hamlet. But hey, I did just say Winona's a WIP).