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  1. Ten Thousand Hours of Art

    I always wonder when records are lost to time will people look at this old style art an go this is what they must have used in the past. even though it wasn't real.
  2. Another art thread

    I think you mean Dad Wilson
  4. The detail on the Postern is just amazing
  5. Drawings and Drivel

    I thought that soul energy was something else at first i almost busted out laughing Wortox been shopping at Bad Dragon.
  6. New Item

    OP has a title post right here I reckon.
  7. Wortox Skins and Lore

    No timmy, we can not that would me a different genre of game an Klei are very very tired
  8. don't you mean Model P's THANK YOU!!!
  9. Ok, i'm back did you miss me of course not. hahahahah anyway I took a look an searched woxtox's name etc an found very little hate. so I guess all those threads got deleted or this hate mob doesn't exist. or 3rd option it does but is on steam but somehow a forum thread from steam will reach those people over there....somehow so then I looked at the update news an you were right they were their but it was self contained so I don't care. you'd have a point if there were 6 wortox or kiel hate threads but there isn't i only found one recent thread on the 3rd page
  10. I didn't think that I thought they came from the pigs. and if its volt goats i still say no, I don't want milk that buzzes
  11. My point its annoying to see threads pop up saying "these people are bad" an treating them like there everywhere, when they are just one thread on self contained instance.
  12. its not that people make topics like this is the frequency these topics pop up annoy me. the people complaining about wortox have as far as I've seen have contained itself to the "Wortox Arrival thread". yet here is your own topic to bring that out into more threads thats what annoys me. whenever there is a drama of a sort an it usually contains itself there will be 5 or so threads saying that those "bad" people should shut up an stop whining. I can go back 3 pages an not see this kiel is EA stuff on threads pertaining to wortox. so which means the bickering is contained to the Wortox arrival thread. So i simplely pose "why does this thread exist?" while it is certainly important to show the generosity of Klei as a company for those that do not know. but that could have been left to the arrival thread where it was taking place. but its instead out here in its only little thing.
  13. Insanity rework

    the only problem I see with this, is it would decrease the value of short term nightmare farming. but that could be a good thing, the other thing is I feel that ramp is too slow.. considering now to go at a consistent pace you now have to stay insane of a minium of two days.
  14. but the general statement is that those people are bad. so why make a thread about it...its like beating a dead horse i guess venting is good but i can't help but feel the thing is "I want popular posts"
  15. why does this thread exist?
  16. I'm sick, and as I lay here tired, temperature sensitive, with a aching muscles an a inability to keep even the simplest thoughts in my head. One thought has been able to linger ever present unshakable an that thought is "Wortox is gonna suck isn't he?" he's gonna be bad or be THE BAD" and make the holy trinity a square an i'm ready for either outcome 

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    2. DragonMage156


      Seems like it. But can we atleast have a non-toxic community with Klei? -_-

    3. Donke60


      thats not the job i appointed to myself. How dare you suggest such a thing.

    4. DragonMage156


      Ok but what are Klei gonna do with a Yiff Ranger? ^^;

  17. People are saying that Wortox is the furry representation for the game. but wasn't that already achieved with webber. I mean I'm just going by what e621 tells me.
  18. Woodie in the woods

  19. Another art thread

    "Oh, Hi there"
  20. Nope...Nope Nope NO NOOO
  21. I don't want that milk I want to see minespatch draw in a traditonal pencil an paper style
  22. was with thee name change

    1. Donke60


      ooh double post nice

  23. was with the name change

    1. ButterStuffed


      I just liked ButterStuffed way more than Mikro. My friends also seemed to agree so I changed it.

  24. a skeleton is rather bland, when ever there is magic there is a living skeleton. an if these concepts were implemented. No insult to the OP, they would find him overly complex for such basic functions.