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  1. UPDATE: I'm not dead, just with Anxiety. Comic is going through a redesign, for any who care, but will come in the foreseeable future. In the meantime, have this.
  2. Let me be more concise with these paragraph long descriptions: I have a format now, the comic will look proper, and the first (real) pages are almost done! 16 hours elapsed so far working on Pages 3-4, granted I was assisting in weed removal and preparing for a family visit, but now, you can have a bit of a preview! And for those questioning the bulk: next page is also narrative heavy. I apologize in advance. If you want to see the final product as it is to be represented, just avoid the spoiler and await for the result which should be ready on the morrow.
  3. I think wearing Palm Leaves will liven up any sort of mood! Especially ones involving a murderous intent, and with zero context!... Came up with this a while back, so I'll just leave this here:
  4. Posting this before I change my mind and delete it. Will eventually progress to proper page formatting, color, etc. But right now, I think it can be appreciated that I managed to overcome my creative block and actually managed to make something for the day. And for all of you confused readers at home, this page was a narrative switch from Wilson narrating his first moments in the world to what is considered to be present within the comic, and in such, he seems to be having a lovely conversation with...Wortox? Wait, that guy is an unimplemented character, right? Is that the reason we don't see any art of him? I think I might've beat the whole community to the chase with this one.
  5. Really anticipated that I would accomplish First Page by the end of the day, but with Photoshop freezing every 2.5 seconds and with my Tablet disconnecting on and off, a sketch of my progress will have to suffice. Obviously it's not complete, but with it posted I've got to ask: Is there any type of coloring style you would like for me to implement? Honestly, the only difference between what you see and the actual page I will end up posting is clean lineart and borders. For the most part, it will be black and white because I do not know how to color or shade for the life of me. I use Photoshop for the linework, and the layer is on transparency, so do you guys have any advice for me filling in the negative space within the program or using another free method? I really don't want the comic to end up being just lineart, but I just have no idea how to do it at the moment. Also, you are apparently only able to give out 10 likes a day, what even...
  6. Quick Explanation, this is my new account. I myself am am not a new member: I was previously known as Robocraftran under my respective thread. The reason behind the change was for the sake of recognition with my Online Name, and for an opportunity to have better organization for the project I have been working on for quite a while, that being my very own Fan Comic which I will be uploading the first pages of soon. This is a monumental project of mine, so the assistance of the community is something I really depend on. Any pieces of advice, tips, or anything else regarding the quality and continuity of my work is greatly appreciated, and of course, if there is anything from me that you would like to see, bring it on! I need to create less excuses for slacking on my drawing, and having people request pieces from me ensures that we all benefit something at the end of the day. So far, thanks already for being such a bombastic community, -Letterman Five. ...And I already managed to make a typo right as I create the darned Topic...thank goodness I updated it before anybody else had the chance to see, because that would've been embarrassing! Also, I'm totally stealing Miss' Organization system. Suppose it isn't stealing if I acknowledge them, so uh, thanks for the idea Pal. Here is the Previous Fourm Down here is an archive of all the Pages Within the Comic: Down here is an archive of all the Requests Submitted: