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  1. Most if not all of the time, it is more beneficial to get 3 interests. The way interest affect morale requirement is as follow, each panel within the job panel screen cost certain amount of morale depending on tier. Instead of having +7 bonus, you could have instead: +1 Bonus Only, howeverrrrrrr 20% Speed To All Skill Learning. (Research Tier 1) +2 Strength and 400k Additional Carrying Weight. (Supply Tier 1) If Duplicant are interested, it will saves 1 morale per job panel. Example, Duplicant with Mining interest whom acquired all three job panel in Mining will have 3 less morale requirement versus a Duplicant whom does not possess the Mining interest. Most skills if not all can be trained indefinitely or until cap. (I'm unsure if science can be trained after all research is completed since live update) Research interest is usually taken if skills points is your desire, each Science point gives your Duplicant +10% in all skill learning rate. So 20% learning rate (from researcher job, which will be free 0 morale if you have research interest is a big incentive for some) Astronaut Duplicant needs Research + Supply + Suit Wearing for efficiency. Mechanical Engineer needs Supply + Operate
  2. Greetings, I'm sure you guys have seen many regular glossy farms. So I'll get straight to the point. --[1]--What's the difference? Glossy Drecko's scale regrowth rate only parameter is whether the Drecko is within a Hydrogen tile or not. Glum, Overcrowded, Cramped, Starving is irrelevant. As you can see below, this Drecko will live to 37 age about, yielding at least 11-12x shears before dying and giving the colony meat. That's all there is to it. There will be many more optimal design, more purposeful design than you see here, this is just the foundation of the "exploit". I've searched Glossy Drecko designs, and they all seem to be limited around "how many Drecko can fit into this area". Now knowing parameter of scale grow, that limit no longer exist until they patch. --[2]--Current Game Mechanics, *shrug* Glum actually works in our favor, as it allows the critter to only drain 400kcal daily instead of 2000k, allowing the critter 45 days here on this asteroid. -80% metabolism is approved! --[3]-- Simple Design = Death Cage receiving eggs from Farm. Top Blue Box = Death Cage (These poor creatures...) Bottom Blue Boxes = Tamed Farms (Only need one of these of course) Yellow Boxes = 100% Wild Farms. (Ignore, I'm just keeping these around to see what the production rate is for 100% Wild Plastic Product) !Efficiency Alert! There should only be three sweepers, which could cover the entire farm, I did not realize that until now, meh. xD Elaboration (If needed) = Eggs from Farm get sent to Death Cage, where they will eventually hatch, then live roughly 37 cycles before perishing. Critter Sensor is set respectively to amount Farm can handle. For me, it's 2x Glossy since I'm utilizing Wild Mealwood Pip Planting. Maybe it's 3x Gloss, i only have 1 rancher in this play-through though, and she doesn't have spare time for more i think.
  3. Wild Hatch 'farm'

    This is what you're looking for. From your original post, I think you can implement it, excuse my screenshot and just focus on the design which reflects well on how hatch behaves. Eggs are delivered to drop off chute at water tile. When egg are hatched, baby critter will escape drowning by moving to the right. (It has to be 2x tile available to immediate right of water tile) if you do a vertical door of 1 tile availability, newborn will dies while adult can maneuver out of drowning. Put a sweeper at the bottom where the eggs and meat will drop. Let me know if there are flaws, this has been working well for me though.
  4. They do exist! Giants! Bring the XL Shearing Station pronto!
  5. -Information To Consider- Thermo Aquatuner doesn't delete heat, only transfer it to its occupied tiles. Thus we are only able to lower temperature as much as we can delete heat via other methods. (Otherwise, inevitable destruction will occur, #logic #science) In addition, to generate the electrical power 1200w/s for the Thermo Aquatuner, unless you're utilizing Steam Turbine or Solar Panel, you're generating additional heat to your colony via generating 1200 w/s. Thus, you have a negative yield of heat energy. (Which will inevitably cause mayhem, #whoops #growthmindset) -Suggestions- As another user mentioned, this seems to be the most intuitive solution for a closed system. In addition, main heat deletion chamber/area. There are many types, will list some in order of difficulty to start. 1. Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier, which gives -80 kDTU/s (heat value) at resource cost of 10g/s Hydrogen. You're cooling down Petroleum in ThermoAqua, which transfer 246.4 kDTU/s from the Petroleum onto the ThermoAqua for comparison. 2. Wheezewort in Hydrogen: Example would be a 2x height by 15x length, 9x of those floor tiles being planted natural Wheezewort via Pip Critter Planting. 3. Steam Turbine Setup, volcano taming, all that good stuff, google those terms for blueprints.
  6. I was just playing the game, and now this ♥ YAY, Get to enjoy more ONI !!