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  1. Finally,it is here,sorry i was on winter vacation too.. client_log (2).txt client_log.txt
  2. ...And finally how can I solve this problem? Does it have a solution at all?
  3. I followed your instructions and there are my client logs. I found the folder,and put files there. Nothing have changed at all BUT icons became more sensative and now they go down but do it's thing. But I afraid it was just a lucky moment.. P.S. There are my client logs after this experiment. client_log.txt client_log2.txt
  4. Sorry,but i have a little question: Where can I find my DST install folder? P.S About fps: it goes 25-26. About mouse: changing it does not do anything. Btw i also tried to play fullscreen and window mode this bug works same in both modes.
  5. Here are another exaples of this bug: every icon go down when it clicked exept the “Play!” button. Also,i faced a new issue. On the last screenshot i was trying to open crafting menu,but it immediately closes! I tried to open it by CapsLock,but there were another misfortune: I wasn’t able to reskin my stuff! Arrow that swaps reskins was dead and unclickable. What i need to do to solve this problem?
  6. Nothing happened. I didn’t change anything in controls. Everything in there by default. Icons still move down.
  7. Yes,buttons don’t do anything exept moving down. This bug works for ALL my in game buttons/icons. Including map icon,crafting menu,pause menu,main game menu,item collection etc. The only way to do something is the keyboard. This bug only works when I click icon with mouse,but with keyboard everything is okay. P.S I don’t have any plugged in controllers
  8. Hi, All mods were already disabled in that moment and I have already tried verifying game files it does not help. I have attached everything that were located by this adress: \Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\client_log.txt to my report.
  9. When I click any game icon it goes down and nothing happens. Some icons become unclickable and flow down when i try to click them.Here are the examples. client_log.txt client_log2.txt
  10. I have a problem with game icons.When I press them,they go down and nothing happens.This problem appeared since last update.
  11. I was playing Don`t starve(ROG). In the spring I wanted to craft luxery fan, but I can`t do that `cause i can`t find it in "Survival". I have all ingridients to craft it, but I don`t have it anywhere.P.S I have an alchemy engine. Also I can`t craft spider eggs when playing webber. They aren`t appear in structures. What can I do with it? Is it a bug or something else? If someone knows how to solve this please help me!