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  1. Yeah but dont you think the skins are enough? I mean the skins probably sell well, I just don't agree with selling characters. But thats just my opinion. Update though, I bought Wurt for my GF and spooled her for myself! thanks for the input peoples, im excited to play our new world!
  2. Me and my gf are on day 210 or something and I started thinking that I should gift her a Wurt, and spool one for myself and that we should have a new world where we both are Wurts and create a Merm village! But I don't like how the new characters are a price to pay (who does?) so I wanted to get some opinions on her, since she is seems to be a different type of character. (living in the swamp when normally the swamp is terrible, and friends with Merms? enemies for years!) Is she worth it or did you guys get bored pretty quick of her playstyle or anything? did you find some big cons with her and how her merm village works? Is she super cools? Share your opinions
  3. Are all of these obtainable from the gift boxes? (beside the halloween event ones) Holy I want those character skins. Are these available on PS4 as well?