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  1. I make sure to always have at least 3 Treeguards roaming around at any given time, they are extremely useful and can be used to take care of the Bearger as well the same way.
  2. It will act as though the season just started. So if you open a winter trap on the first day of winter nothing will be affected, but if you open it on the last day of winter you'll have winter all over again from the start. Easiest way is to bring it to a treeguard and make the Deerclops damage the treeguard with his AoE attack. One treeguard is usually enough to kill deerclops by himself.
  3. So are these useless aside from just being a nice visual? or do these clothes provide some sort of bonuses? Also, if I pressed "use later" when receiving a gift where do I go to equip the clothing?
  4. Along with the update changes it would be nice to have the reason for them listed as well. Like changing the recipe for Booster Shot - WHY?