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  1. Base Plan [new]

    Well something is wrong with this error screen. dont_starve/data/scripts/recipe.lua is a game file, not a mod file. Also the file doesn't have 72 lines of code to have an error on 72th line and doesn't mention SaveGameIndex. As of now the corresponding SW DLC file does but it has a different path (DLC0002/scripts/recipe.lua) and it also checks SaveGameIndex on 76th line before using it on 84th line. Is this copy of the game ok? I can guess what happens here and patch the mod to work around possible errors with specific game installations but currently other tasks are the top priority.
  2. Base Plan

    If screenshot is a problem, text of the error message will do just as well. A list of other mods you use would be nice too.
  3. Finder

  4. Base Plan

    Would you like to be more specific?
  5. Finder

    Version 1.1


    Highlights nearby containers that contain necessary items. Helps to manage storages of two and more chests without burden to search items manually or remember them. DS/RoG/SW version of this mod in Steam workshop DST version of this mod in Steam workshop Controls When ingredients are hovered in crafting menu or an item is held by cursor this mod automatically highlights nearby containers that have items of the same type. Doesn't require special controls. Compatibility Should be compatible with everything: Don't Starve Reign Of Giants Shipwrecked Don't Starve Together
  6. Base Plan

    Hi, try the new version here or on steam.
  7. Base Plan [new]

    Version 0.8.1


    This is the new location of this mod. This mod provides mechanics to plan bases before building them, calculate total number of required materials, keep plans to use later in the same game, save plans as blueprints to use them in other worlds and build planned things easily. This mod in Steam Workshop. Features + Optional pause mode, literally everything is paused so you can design in peace and silence + During multiple planning the number of planned objects is displayed + Auto-grid. Click and drag to plan many instances of the same item + Improved auto-build. Click plan icon to build the planned items + Your plans are saved automatically in the game save file + Whole plans can be remembered as patterns for future use and shared between save files + Things stitch to invisible grid + Requirements of materials or science machines for construction are honoured + Materials for a plan or one item in a plan are calculated and displayed on hover + Grass, saplings and walls have never been so easy! Compatibility Don't Starve Reign of Giants Shipwrecked Controls: - "P" or the top left button are the default ways to toggle planning mode - Primary control (left click usually) selects, puts and creates - Secondary control (right click) cancels, removes and deletes - Right click a plan to put this plan aside and make it shared between saves - Hold shift when right clicking a plan to delete it permanently - Click and drag to plan many items during one placement - Hold shift when placing something to do another placement easily
  8. Base Plan

    There are two types of storing plans: Plans of the current save slot are stored in this slot (represented by upper row of icons). Permanent plans which are saved in one file and are shared between save slots (represented by smaller icons). Both can be deleted by right-clicking on the corresponding plan icon. The only trick is that when plans of the first type are removed, they are moved to the second type at first (this works both as a safety measure against misclicking and a way to create shared plans). If one is sure, shift+right-click is available to remove the plan completely.
  9. Base Plan

    Q/E are the default keys to rotate camera view, the mod adapts click-and-drag placements to the current view. Yes, but not just walls.
  10. Base Plan

    Sure the future will start as soon as I have dst. I'm interested and it should be easier early on, the main decision for multiplayer version is probably will the plans be shared between people or not.
  11. Base Plan

    Thanks, I've made a quick fix to work around the behaviour so the caves can be entered in the save files. It'll be nice if you check whether it fixes part of the problem for you. Though this thing will need a better solution.
  12. Base Plan

    The only file which the mod ever writes to is "base_plan" using native SavePersistentString function and the file name is hardcoded to be sure. The game handles all other writing io. I've experienced corruption of saveindex during testing, my investigation shows that it's not related to any mods but to entering/exiting the volcano and probably caves. Would you like to share the test save file? P. S. As of now there is indeed a bug in the mod related to going between maps it doesn't handle them properly and a separate bug when native OnSave is used to save component information in some situations that can lead to strange consequences like saveindex being overwritten, I disabled this method of saving for now (r1501 may be relevant). Persistent storage still works.
  13. Base Plan

    It's not even about some mods, but nearly all components in the game stop being updated. Try to set pause and hover any world object - hoverer does not work, try to click it - actions are not collected or executed, try to place something - placers are not updated either. Nothing unexpected because that's perfectly logical during pause. I think it is still possible to make active pause by updating components from UI which maintains responsiveness. Yes, that mode will be optional.
  14. Base Plan

    Hi. I tried to utilize usual pause and scaling time flow to zero but the game wasn't designed to work in active pause mode (for example, the game objects stop responding on events and effects like rain continue when the game is semi-paused but they are not cleared from screen). I'd say it is possible but will require quite a bit of hacks. I'll see what can be done. I'd be glad to publish it if people need it on the workshop. As far as I know Mod Uploader requires Don't Starve in steam account to upload and update mods but I don't actually play the game myself and have no steam version of the game. Now it should handle some items automatically. This too. Right click dragging was never intended (because one can right click on a plan icon to delete all items of the plan), but this is a good idea as are fireflies and rotation.
  15. Base Plan

    After some additional fixes this should work now.