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  1. Giant Spawner

    Background story:
    Years has passed since Wilson met the Giants, in some point he learned the secrets of these ferocious creatures.
    Now, for who knows what purpose, he finally achieve a machine that can call any of these Giants at any time, and as many as he wants.
    Indeed, he knows that there is a bigger enemy out there, hiding in the shadow of the night.
    Simple, but needed for those who "LOTS" it's not enough.. 
    The Giant Spawner is a machine that allow you to spawn, or in other words, "create" a giant. Because such furious creature needs a "body" to be born and a soul.
    To craft the Giant Spawner you need a prestihatitator and some fancy stuff:
    1 Deerclops eye, from the Deerclops 3 Down Feather, from the Goose/Moose 1 Scales, from the Dragonfly 1 Thick Fur, from the Bearger Giants recipes:
    Like i said, if you want to create them, you need to give them a body, of flesh and bones, and a soul.. So you will need some Pigskin, a little of meat, nightmare "souls", and something special:
    To create a Giant you need:
    3 Pigskin 3 Meats 5 Nightmare Fuel And: For a Deerclops: 5 Ice For a Bearger: 5 Beefalo Wool For a Drangofly: 10 Ashes For a Goose/Moose: 5 of any kind of Feather Advice:
    Build in the middle of your base ^_^
    Bugs, working on them, but a little busy with college:
    Game crash if: You don't use all the 4 ingridients. You don't use the quantity listed. You cange the recipies. Things to do:
    Don't Starve base, and SW version. Better textures. Final words:
    This is my very first mod. Please let me know what do you think of the idea, i just finished and release it.. As you can se, mi art is awfull, i just use a Deerclops image for the structure ^^ If any of you love drawing or animation and want to collaborate, is free to do it.
    Please show some love with a like and/or a +Rep ^^




  2. Display Food Values v2.0

    New version of the previous Display Food Values mod, now compatible with Shipwreked.
    Enjoy ^_^