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  1. I love dont starve together and I love the plethora of new things being added seemingly every day but I’ve got an idea for a mob-or perhaps a mini-boss mob to make things a bit more interesting and challenging for moon loving explorers in the don’t starve community and boy do I wanna suggest it to hopefully see it in-game. I want a real challenge and the ease of gathering food or new resources seems too easy!! Lets change that a little, shall we? you read the name, and yeah it’s a play on words as per many of dont starves love able monsters and critters, the Stalker The stalker is the lunar islands version of a lureplant-BUT-The moons effect upon the plant life has turned the lure plant from a simple, idle predator-to a voracious on the prowl veggie-terror. The Stalk-er is a more rare mob, which is hostile compared to its non-lunar counterpart, and will easily chase down unfortunate victims that cross its path in the lunar landscape. Stalkers can be found in either random places across the lunar biome or around resources that voyaging players will find useful such as glass fields and such waiting as untriggered lure-plants. Lureplant planted on the lunar island will also become stalkers too! boasting a variety of attacks, the Stalker is a vicious and relentless unless one manages (somehow) to escape it with speed or its early demise. stalkers attack methods are as follows- Vine tongue-once a harmless lure now a nasty whip with a fair range, stalkers will use their tongue to go for those who prefer the “Afar” method of attack. Eyefield-a field of rye plants appear! Simple-if they didn’t rip their tiny root-like legs from the ground and chase after players, having the same hp and damage output as their idle counterparts and serving a similar purpose as birchnutdrakes. Bite-the most basic if not most brutal attack the stalkers have. leaf swing-like getting clawed from the bearger, stalkers will strike with their sharp front leaf-mitts and gladly cut players up. Upon death, stalkers drop 3 leafy meat, 4 rope and a normal Lureplant bulb. some pictures of the design of such a monster can be found below.
  2. They listened to the public or whoever it was about the water walking goose, so there’s a easy plus, the duration of the forms as well...I’d say these buffs are pretty good. Not sure about living logs for idols but-id be up for something to really increase the forms longevity per use if the did use living logs. They ain’t cheap nor easy to farm. id be all for having the forms eat respective foods to keep them working.
  3. I think the only thing I’d say about this is that it would be better if you could choose which form you can use through your entire DST play through instead of being able to use them all. Maybe all of them would have exclusive benefits if you chose the 1 instead of going with the broad spectrum of them. I’d probably choose moose mode and give all my least favorite mobs a good thrashing to be honest. maybe if somebody wants to be the goose (not sure why) they get a whole bunch of speed and agility related attacks, can swim or fly across to areas on the map they’ve been to as a result of sticking with just the goose. beaver? Beats me with the beaver, never did really care for the old beaver so I’d say do whatever with it? The only things I’d like to see come with these forms if they get tweaked. i like them a lot! The shapeshifter dynamic is hecking awesome sounding and I ain’t turning a cold shoulder to the moose and the goose! but they do need some good buffs cause I don’t think they’ll last long after all the hype has passed. I have to be honest with myself when it comes to that.
  4. The Friendship is already short lived due to hounds attacking anything that isnt a hound, that's probably the best balance for the taming hounds option. Bones and Monster meat might be better because if you're webber you can farm monster meat for hounds as bones are hard to come by-even with Lots of them selected in World Generation.
  5. Oh yeah, basically what i was going for. Plays a theme similar to the Dogfight from Undertale but it's Don't Starve-ified and more original, lol, better watch out cause if you hear its boss-music theme then it's about to get ruff in here. More then likely a good crafting item would be a "Hound-landish coat" Wearing it makes you able to walk around hounds and Bone-mounds without issuethe hound-landish coat generates heat-so you might not want to wear it 24/7, especially in the spring and summer of RoG It comes with a beneficial Hat item called the Howler hat, which lets a player tame hounds much like webber-only they cant use monster meat but rather bone shards. The more bone shards one has the more hounds they came tame, players can use gems to create Fire hounds or Ice hounds.
  6. SUp Silent, how's it been? Been awhile since uh.....2013-wow its been a long time since i have been on here. Lol. Got a name change and all that good stuff

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      Yep. I'm still kicking around.It's all good. Waiting for evening attempts to do Forge beta.

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      Ive been doin some good stuff since then-mostly rp and school haha. When i get wifi i think im gonna be bing-gaming dont starve together

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  7. Yeah the claw and bite attacks are different. The Bite attack requires the Wooligan to run up and bite the player, much like a hound does- but its claw attack has more range because its a arm/leg, so it can swing out and still hit the player- in a way making it a mini-boss monster, and because its one of a kind until it respawns 5 days later and finding one would be quite hard-especially in a large mysterious and completely random world every time, it would be bad if it was just killed off as easy as a beefalo is. Kiting would be possible-but you'd have to know how you're gonna tackle the problem beforehand if you're a more aggressive player. "Interesting how they become a challenge in this season" Indeed. If a player attacks a female Wooligan-it doesn't matter which one they attack, it will cause all Wooligan males in the immediate area to attack the player, but attacking a wooligan male will have the female Wooligan it's AI paired itself with come after you.
  8. (sorry for not replying sooner! I didn't think i would get many replies to this over the weekend lol) I've looked over their characters and i think i've got suitable quotes for them-all of them,haha. (DST) Winona-"You're looking kinda tired there, pal." (SW)Walani-"He's living the easy life." (SW)Warly-"Is he beefy? Or is he hairy?" (bit hard for him due to his variation between fancy and "casual" dialouge) (SW)Woodlegs-"Ye be a good firs' mate! Ya hairy scoundrel!" (Hamlet)Warbucks- "A true companion worthy of any right fox hunt, i say!" "Also are they tamable/ridable?" Actually i was considering that as a option to be truly honest in the base game! HAHA! If they were to be tamable it would take 8 pieces of any meat, cooked or un cooked, and a character could just hop on and cling for life while they watch their newest friend run around with them on its back. (The player has control over it obviously when its tamed) There would also be a specific animation for the Wooligan to Hug the player for a quick sanity boost, which would be really cute hehe. "Do they attack if provoked?" Oh yeah, they attack you if you provoke em. ITs not fun either. Unlike a beefalo or koalefant who basically just give you a hard headbutt you'd either get a claw or a bite from a Wooligan. a Bite does about 40 damage, while a Claw does 50. Since there's basically only one for the whole year, it has a good defense if it's ever in a jiffy. And you better be wearing some protection if you're not a immediate pacifist-kinda person cause it will take you down in 3 hits. The attack period however is like a beefalo so its not as quick to swamp you and gives you some sort of chance to fight. THough maybe because its the only animal you'll see of its kind for awhile it should be dummed to an ATP of 3. As for a mating season-if they were to have one during the colder season which more then likely they would it as it would be the best time for them. It would be really bad to mess with wooligans-especially if they had Wooly Puppers. There would be Wooligans (the boys/men) Wooligrrs (The girls/women) and then Woolykids (the babies that come from a wooligan and wooligrr coming together) IF you attacked a Woolykid you'd probably be in for a Bad time, because the parents specific parents of that baby would chase after a player much like a Tallbird when you steal its egg-you'd be running for a good while until they gave up. But they'd still be aggro to you if you got too close as a result. (you don't touch the fluffy babies. Bad people don't deserve Big daddy floof and Big momma floof's mercy)
  9. Could you give me a link? Lol I can't seem to find them despite hearing so much of their greatness
  10. A thing to mention I'd that the beefalos body is actually two parts, especially when they rear up in heat its obvious. My goal is to make the Wooligan easier with a single whole body. So far I have only 2 of the "torsos" done, the rest will be challenging as all images of the Wooligan I've posted are digitally colored sketches of a Wooligan. So making one whole one out of seperated parts and then somehow animating them will be tricky. As I've yet to get a auto compiler or something similar to combine the animations as a whole.
  11. actually working on the parts rn lol
  12. I said what the Drops were at the bottom lol, probably should have put that at the top of the reply. For injecting Poison i mean that the logic would be you can't apply Poison effect on it with Poison spear because the logic is the fur would be too thick, but for Simpler DS logic it just doesn't work on Wooligans. Poison foods also have no effects on Wooligans is what i was trying to say. Hardy animals and all that. About the Wooly winter suit yeah, that would probably be the best thing. It keeps you warmer and has no hunger drain. Yeah, you'd probably more then likely first find a Wooligan near a berry bush waiting for a Gobbler to come out so it can eat it haha. VVV Below is a image that is i modified just now to show a Wooligan find as a Example Image. It also shows the height comparison between Wilson/The player character of their Choice- and a Wooligan.
  13. (sorry for not replying sooner! DX<) Notable drops? as for its initial eating behavior? Since its based off the Hound and Beefalo as i vaugely recall, it was (and the idea still is) basically a omnivore and eats meat and plant foods in DS. Basically could eat almost any food but doesn't eat cooked sweets like the Taffy or such. But you could actually stop it from eating things by walking up to it like a Beefalo freezes when you walk up to one-(So you can actually save the item in question if you want to either eat it or use it for later) One of my intended things with the Fluffy Wooligan (or maybe in game just called Wooligan for short) was that in game it would attack/hunt Gobblers. Sometimes it goes up to a berry bush and bark/growl/roars/SOMETHING's at it and a Gobbler pops out and it attacks it and eats its drops (unless the player happened to be there and waited out the kill. (Like other animals/monsters that eat it doesnt matter if it eats it just eats because it adds a challenge for players.) It doesn't take poison damage from mushrooms, and not from POison weapons either in Shipwrecked (if it was put in there) because the fur is too thick. for the poison to seep through. if i had to say anything special or notable that was specifically for Wooligans if they had to have special drops though-i would say Wooligan fur. 6-8 pieces of Wooligan fur, 2-3 hounds teeth and 3 meat could let you make the Hibearnation vest like how the bearger fur works, you just needed either the Bearger Fur-or the Wooligan fur so it would be a two half recipe-but lemme explain what i mean. If you didn't or couldn't have the means to kill the bearger and get that really hard to acquire drop of bearger fur and all those goodies he drops with it, you could click on a side tab on the crafting recipe for the Hibearnation Vest and it would Switch to Wooly Winter Suit which would take 8 Wooligan fur, one breezy vest or Puffy vest (because we can't have it be any easier to craft then the Hibearnation vest now can we? We wouldn't be playing don't starve if it wasn't a challenge) and 2 rope. Much like the Beefalo, you could more pacifist-ly shave the Wooligan to get its fur and it would look like a less shaggy more groomed Wooligan and regrow and return to normal appearance in 5 in-game days, but you wouldn't get Hound's teeth or meat from it.
  14. I made character quotes based on how i felt they would've been back then. Wilson- "Biggest woof of fur known to man" Willow- "How dare you be so fluffy!" WolfGang- "Is Greatest puppy!" Wendy-"Abigal wishes she could pet him." WX-78-"DO NOT.PEE. ON THE ROBOT." Wickerbottom-"Its actually a overgrown ancestor of modern Shi'tzu's" Woodie-"Reminds me of me mum's dog" Maxwell-"What a hairy mutt." Wigfrid-" Behold! Man's Mightiest companion!" Webber-"We like the big doggy!"
  15. Hey there my guy. Do you know who i am? Might not, and thats fine, My name is Yeticake-but you might know me by the name of YetiFoot? Yeah thats me, sorry its been awhile and alotta stuff happened between then and now.