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  1. Personally I liked Warbucks, and when I found out people thought he was offensive I went "huh?" and looked into it to read about why that is. Before mocking people who find something offensive I think it's a good idea to understand what their arguments are rather than misrepresent them as strawmen. My understanding is that the skin color did bother people mostly because they felt it didn't fit the art style of the game. I haven't seen anyone being offended or "triggered" by the skin color. Maybe there are people declaring the skin color offensive but I personally haven't seen any. The aspect of the character people consider offensive is the fact he's a colonist explorer. When you know history you understand people who were colonizer explorers were involved in killing and oppressing a lot of people. That's why people were the most upset with Warbucks. I'm assuming people aren't explaining it because they don't want to derail the thread and start debates, but we already have people misrepresenting the reason people found Warbucks offensive so I thought I'd explain it real quick. I'm not interested in debating and this will be my only post on this. I'm personally not sure where I stand on the issue. Again, I think Warbucks is cool and unfortunately haven't had the chance to play him yet. (Though people who do mods can help me with that! Hurray mods! I owe people who make good mods my life.) I hope he does come back as an official playable character. ANYWAY..... Wormwood looks super cool, I enjoy the interesting and unique characters Klei designs for us! Me and my girlfriend had just been talking about how we'd love to see more monster type characters and here's Wormwood! The fact the character has multiple forms is super cool. I'm also extremely excited about Willba's werepig form. What a fun idea! I know I'm really going to enjoy her character. Willba is delightful. I'm waiting for Hamlet to be finished before I play it because it was somewhat frustrating for me to play Shipwrecked and have things drastically changed all the time. Hamlet is unfinished, still early access, and I personally think it's looking like a lot of fun so far. I'm really eager and have a somewhat tough time waiting, but I know I'll be happier playing when it's all done. Thanks for everything you do, Klei! I can never thank you enough for all you do. You provide the community with so much content at such a nice price. Klei really stands out compared to a lot of other more greedy companies who charge a ton of money for the DLC, lol.