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  1. i dont know if it works with dont starve together.
  2. i'm sorry mate but i cant help you if you dont understand what i'm saying
  3. Try running it without any other mod enabled to figure out if the problem is another mod. Also run it on Regular dont starve
  4. Probably not, Try disabling it then running the save again
  5. Should still try to run it, it wont hack your PC unless you run whats in it (Which you cant) and i dont think it will like delete your save file, But just to be safe Backup your Don't starve save file.
  6. Try running it without any other mods on. Some mods automatically disable if they dont work with another mod, Like RPG HUD neat automatically disables its badges option if you have Always on status used with it. Hope this helps
  7. Bug report: mod does not work unless mob either fights back or attacks first. Well that's what it seems like for me
  8. i have an idea for your mod!, i don't know if you can even do this in the modding of Don't starve But could you like change the AI of rabbits and butterflies (and basically everything that runs away from you) so you can fight them early game for some easy XP? EDIT: i found out that they dont even fight you the way you described xD, My bad