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  1. Wheeler - Expectations vs Reality

    I don't feel too strongly one way or another about most of these, but I think that fixing the dodging would be really nice. A lot of the time you simply can't dodge because there are trees or other large objects around and it's pretty annoying, and the wrong direction stuff is really weird too. I'd also say that messing with the whole stacks thing would probably just lead to some annoying micromanaging, since you'd never be able to just drop an entire stack of something into a chest with one click, and when you're out and about you probably don't need to use an entire stack of something anyways. It'd just make megabasing more annoying since you'd need to grab stuff from chests more often while mass crafting.
  2. Sleeping Pigeons Can't Be Picked Up

    I'm not trying to kill it though, trying to pick it up for birdcage
  3. Sleeping pigeon can't be picked up, only examined.
  4. Lawn Turf Placement Crash

    Just uploaded, thanks for the hard work!
  5. Lawn Turf Placement Crash

    It's happened a few times for me now since I first posted, and it seems to not be dependent on the alignment of the lawn turf so I'm not entirely sure what causes it. Each time I've been placing around flat stone turf. In this save I can't place the lawn turf in any of the 4 spots with no turf at all outside of the street lamps without the game crashing. In the save I was on before I couldn't place any next to each other in the same pattern on the ground, but I could place them in the spots that now crash the game..
  6. Placing a lawn turf next to another turf (up, down, left or right) crashes the game. Placing lawn turfs diagonally from one another still works and doesn't cause a crash.