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  1. Mezukies thread of hugs and art!

    Can I have a hug?
  2. The Pig War

    Blue Oliver ran away from the battlefield with Sky tucked under his arm. "I gotta get out of here..." Oliver ran as fast as the wind could carry him, until he ran away without anyone in his sight. Then, he tripped over a stick and got back up and dusted himself. "WOAH WHAT IS THAT AHHHHH!!!!!" Oliver screamed as he was looking at a Totally Normal Tree. "NO NO NO WHAT IS THAT AHHHH!" Oliver ran away as fast as he could away from the horrid tree. "AHHHHH!!!!!!" Oliver sounded like he was playing a horror game. "I...I gotta get out of here!" Meanwhile, Red Oliver was screaming in pain. "AHHH!" But at that moment.... He could not speak nor breath. (Yup, Red Oliver is DEAD.) Blue Oliver could hear screaming very faintly. "W...what should I do!?" Oliver felt very conflicted.
  3. The Pig War

    "Oh please, Tiny hogs? I can deal with theses little scabs." Oliver put away his bow and took out a red blade. "Come at me you little..." Oliver could not think of a insult. Oliver started slicing the hogs in half. "I will keep fighting until I die. IM ON THE PIGS SIDE." as Oliver said fighting. "NOBODY CAN FIGHT LIKE OLIVER." Sadly, One small hog sliced Oliver right into two. One half became red Oliver and the other half became blue Oliver. "Wait- what just happened?" "I WILL TELL YOU WHAT HAPPENED AFTER THEY ARE DEAD, JUST FIGHT." "Oh...ok then..." Oliver grabbed the bow and started shooting. "R. Oliver? Can I take care of sky and you do the fighting?" "FINE, YES, WHATEVER. JUST GO."
  4. The Pig War

    "Ow!" screamed Oliver. Oliver knew he needed to get out of there and quick. "ALL I SAID WAS HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY! THAT IS NOT A OFFENSE TO ANYONE!" Oliver's hair was turning reddish. "AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Screamed Oliver as he started biting the cage bars like a fire hound. "I SWARE I WILL GET OUT OF HERE" Screeched Oliver. "I DONT CARE IF THIS BRUTE OF A HOG DIES!!" Oliver looked like he was going to attack. He pulled out a blue bow and grabbed red arrows. He tried to aim for the large hog.
  5. The Pig War

    Oliver stared at Cinnie in a dreamy way thinking "She may be a brute, but she is still lovely.." Sky stared at the hog and bit him right in the arm. "Git 'em sky!" yelled Oliver. "Man she's dreamy..." mumbled Oliver. "I...I wish I was a fairy..." said Oliver sadly. "I wonder how she was made..." said Oliver in question. "Well I can't ask her because she will just kick me again."
  6. The Pig War

    (Sorry I can't edit it so Im double posting...Wait. It says "You can kick him in the balls" I THOUGHT SHE WAS GOING TO KICK THE LARGE GUY NOT ME SO SHE IS KICKING ME)
  7. The Gloom Beacons: Revived

  8. The Pig War

    (I kinda don't have a shirt I have a robe)
  9. The Pig War

    (This is pretty much sums up me roleplaying
  10. Maxwell's Playground

    Name: Simitous Age: ??? Backstory(just a brief as to how you ended up here):She wished that she could be seen by people/other things that are sane. She then saw a gray spiral around her and she got sucked into it. leaving her stuck on a island. Appearance: A black shadow creature that looks like a terrorbeak mixed with a crab. Personality:She is a bit less angry then the other shadow creatures, but does not hate SO much like other terrorbeaks. She is actually quite helpful. Quirk/Gift/Ability (optional): Has pretty strong claws.
  11. The Pig War

    "Umm maybe its too late." said Oliver as he was looking at a sand shark crawling onto land. "This is my pet shark, Sky." said Oliver with happiness. "You can kick him in the balls if you wanna. Im going to take care of Sky."
  12. The Pig War

  13. The Pig War

    "Ummm... What just happened? What IS a ruffian even?! Eh, I will get out of here the only way I know how.....with help.. heh heh heh...." Oliver made weird noises that nobody but sea creatures can Identify.
  14. The Pig War

    "Wha-?" Said Oliver. "Who are you even?! DO I KNOW YOU!?"
  15. The Pig War

    "Hey everyone..." said Oliver excitedly. "Happy April Fools day!" He shouted