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  1. Yo, I made some in the past as well. It is not as detailed as yours. I wanted mine to be in the form of short menu from restaurant. Perhaps, it will be useful for some of you. You may look at full guide HERE at this forum. Also, you may visit Steam instead HERE (DS) or HERE (DST). Otherwise, you can find my posters HERE (DeviantART).
  2. Hi, This is something worth considering as well. Thanks. Probably I will do some in the near future while doing pages for the new reign DLC. The first constructive feedback, love it To be honest I haven't considered disease at that time. I had more flowers, but underneath those presented on the picture. Just wanted to avoid stacking too many "objects" on the picture to make sure it looks neat. In addition, I would like to thank you all for your support. Do not hesitate if you got any more ideas for expanding the guide.
  3. Quick update: Dry season updated. Webber (swamp), adventure mode, and nomadic guides added.
  4. Small add-on. Made 6 game icons for Don't Starve. Files are saved as ICO and PNG. All zipped. They are available to download here.
  5. I made guide in picture-based form by modifying and manipulating original graphics. Although, I am not creator of original graphics. The guide is also available on Steam. Chapter 1: Introduction 1.1 Playable Characters. 1.2 Giant battle techniques. Chapter 2: RoG + Together Walkthrough Chapter 3: Shipwrecked Walkthrough Chapter 4: Undergrounds Chapter 5: Add-ons 5.1 Optional start for RoG 5.2 Cooking guides 5.3 Other guides