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  1. I using command to reveal the whole map. And if i cant find it in map, i make sure it doesn't exist with another command to jump to the statue. If the statue dont exist, you cant jump to the statue. Here are the command for revealing map. GetWorld().minimap.MiniMap:ShowArea(0,0,0,10000) And here are command for jumping to glommer statue. c_gonext("statueglommer") Keep creating map and use those two command. Eventually you'll get map without glommer statue. I have try this lots of time to make sure the bug exist ( maybe create about ten maps or more).
  2. When creating world there are chances that glommer statue not spawned.
  3. I use no mod that affect the map icon. Is it not have separate icon from the start? I dont really remember. But i remember have seeing gold vein on map, that might be one of the mod i use. But lets wait the admin for clarification.
  4. In RoG & SW the gold vein boulder appear as normal boulder on map (pressing tab). Its used to have its own icon.
  5. The color of Cactus armour and limestone suit in craft tab indicate that it has already unlocked/crafted even before player crafted it. The correct color should be grey or maybe red before it is crafted, just like another item that needed alchemy engine or science machine to craft.
  6. Hey, your crash log exactly same with mine. But in my game no frog rain happen before crash, also these hollow stump start to spawning catcoons, even if the previous catcoon still alive. Look, this is my thread:
  7. Please choose a category Crash Platform Steam Do you use mods? yes Version Number Rev. 168028 Issue title Game suddenly crash, i think it is related to the hollow stump near my base Steps to reproduce I have base, there are hollow stumps around. few days later the game crashes, the crash log indicate it is related to the catcoon den. Describe your issue I just cooking kabobs then the game suddenly crash. I dont use the concole command to spawn catcoon den, just normal play. I reported this bug on dont starve forum, but the admin told me to post in this place. This is might worth mentioning: in the latest version there are bug that caused hollow stump to spawn catcoon even though the previous catcoon not die, this make hollow stump to have more than one catcoon around it. This is the attached crash picture: