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  1. In the first pic as you can see, when I stand there or near the center of my base, there's this loud helicopter-like/thunderstorm-like sound buzzing out of nowhere. But as I get further from the center of my base, the sound weakens. This happened around Spring time after some heavy rains I believe. And god, the sound is very irritating because it's too loud.
  2. Glacier sounds are ok now. But the hounds and other monsters are still missing their sounds
  3. Issue still happening to me. Any fix for this please? bump this post
  4. Kinda strange because my friend with DST has all the sounds working, but for me, half of the sounds is still missing.
  5. try using "No More Lags" mod. It basically cleans the server by removing excessive stuff on the ground.
  6. Audio settings are working. I set them to max. Background music is working. Now here's the problem. When I'm in my world, certain sound effects are not working. For example when I mine a mini ice glacier, no sound can be heard from it. Another one would be clockwerks, I can't hear any sound at all coming from them. Another one would be the hounds, no barking sound from them or dying sound or anything at all. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem? Before the February update, everything worked just fine. Please help me! (UPDATED) Here's my log btw Glacier sounds are fixed Still no sounds from most of the monsters: Clockwerks, tentacles, hounds, koalefants, etc. client_log.rar