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  1. The seagull is not visible in the hands when I take it, just the seagull is not visible when it is in a cage
  2. Recently I went into Steam saw that my favorite game Don`t Starve update, these were the usual fixes. Then I thought that Klei had not completely forgotten about the single Don`t Starve and I hope that they are working on the new DLC, even if it is not an additional world like SW maybe it will just be built into the usual game: biomes, characters, pridmety and bosses as it was with RoG.
  3. Thank you Klei for the new game, love you very much, bought everything that you can create, this game, too, I'll buy, I HOPE ADD ACHIEVEMENTS TO STEAM (and add them to DS or ONI)
  4. FreaksterUN

    I found a bug, if you hit the coral the coral pickaxe disappears
  5. Already can not wait, from that day when he left the trailer, even money prepared and I go every day to the store page of steam. Soon? Or price say please T_T
  6. No hounds

    At one point, I no longer have recourse to the hounds , for about 100 days, did not appear. More I can not sleep , the hero says that the amount of danger, but almost nothing
  7. For the purchase of oxygen will give the character in Don't starve?

  8. shut up and take my money! For the purchase of oxygen will give the character in Don't starve?
  9. I played on the server I have created with my friends , then I crafted thermal stone and kicked me , then when I tried to reconnect the Error knocked out , what should I do ?