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  1. LUA "nil value" error when starting game.

    All working now!
  2. When press play got lua error stack traceback

    I got a LUA error on Windows PC when trying to load Hamlet for the first time. I'll be following your bug too in the hopes that a reply comes to one of us soon. Here's mine if you want to watch it:
  3. LUA "nil value" error when starting game.

    I have tried verifying the game files through Steam = It came back that all files were successfully validated. - Tried to run the game again and got the same error at the same point. Manually deleted the files and ran the validation = files redownloaded. - Tried to run the game again and got the same error at the same point. Completely uninstalled the game, reinstalled it. - Tried to run the game again and got the same error at the same point. Tried running Don't Starve with no DLC running at all = game runs fine. Tried the Reign of Giants DLC and the ShipWrecked DLC = same error appears as for Hamlet. So I can run the main vanilla game fine, but cannot use any of the DLC that I have just paid for...
  4. I have just started up the Hamlet DLC for the first time. No mods are installed, no other DLCs are active. When I click the "Play" button on the main menu, I get a LUA error message about a "nil value" in the "saveindex.lua".
  5. Game will not load

    This is still a bug. I got the same error, and verified the files - error persisted. Did a fresh install - same error. Uninstalled all DLC - game runs fine. Activate one DLC (does not matter which one) - get the same error on all of them.