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  1. I was responding to the person saying they wouldn't mind mods being added into DST as DLC which would likely be paid DLC. Klei taking free mods other people worked hard on and adding it as paid DLC would be disgusting. If they're added into the game with free updates then I don't mind! It would be nice to have mods like combined status, status announcements, and geometric placement which really should've been a part of the game by default either as configurable options you can toggle on or off or just always as a part of the game.
  2. "Could we see some mods make it in the game? NO. We don't need any more unholy things like Bethesda creation club, thank you.
  3. Wurt

    if wort cant swim i dont buy
  4. Wigfrid should be turned into a mime
  5. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=842938511&searchtext=
  6. Hello, I need help I just can't figure this out .. So, basically I want to make my player with a certain value and stuff can only see some prefab while other players can't see that prefab unless they have the values and stuff. I tried looking into the bunnyman and rabbit to see how their insanity thing works, but I don't understand how to use it. Thanks for any help and thanks for reading my problem, have a great day/night !!
  7. this topic is good popcorn material
  8. Sometimes I feel like you put more effort into skins than Klei does and you can't convince me otherwise
  9. wendy is the root of all evil
  10. I wish there was a world generation option to disable them
  11. asking where is base then getting banned
  12. Every day we stray further away from god.
  13. c_removeall("multiplayer_portal") I think that command will remove the portal, but removing it may cause glitches and not allow you to switch your character with moon rock idols because you can't upgrade it to a moonrock portal.
  14. I'm not going to respond to anyone directly cause I'm tired, but in my opinion all of settings are to be honest mandatory to have in Don't Starve Together and there is no good reason to not have them in. First off all using these options are optional and each player has the choice to use them for them self and if you don't like it then that's okay don't use it, but you shouldn't be against an idea which will only allow more freedom of choice for each player to choose what they want or don't want when it doesn't affect you at all. By that logic then there should have been no world customization or settings at all because right now there are world customization options which can make the game extremely easy such as disabling all monsters, adding more food, ect. and there is already options to disable screen shake and insanity screen distortion which are also guilty of being able to make you feel sick as well. The color filter of insanity and the sounds are even worse than screen shake (IMO) and can cause headaches, dry eye, nausea, and make you feel pretty sick if you're a frailer person in real life like me and it adds nothing to the game to force the player to feel sick in real life except make them not want to play your game. If Klei wants to make Insanity difficult what they should do is make it actually difficult gameplay wise not in a way which forces people to not feel good in real life which is a very cheap to make it more "difficult". Actual difficulty would be more nightmare creatures, more mechanics such as moving slow, or getting short of breath in the game, or fainting and winding up in some random place, vomiting when eating food, not being able to see parts of the map, stuff like that. tldr: There is no reason to say no to the idea of adding more options which only gives individual players more freedom to customize their game to make it more enjoyable. There's already options in the game which can make the game easier or harder via world customization, mods, ect. all which are optional (just like these settings would be) and up to the player to decide what's best for them. For people who say "it makes the game easier" or "it's fine as is" as I said before there are many ways the game can be made easier, Don't Starve Together isn't some competitive first-person shooter game, it's a casual survival game to play with friends and mess around. Also, as I already said these options aren't forced on anyone they are "optional" like options should be and players which can get sick of such things like this should have the option to choose to tone it down. If you don't get sick in real life from these things then good for you, but not everyone is the same and there are other people who aren't you which do get sick from this and it does ruin their experience. If Klei changes the color of mutant hounds and pengulls to be less "grotesque" then squeamish players don't feel nauseous at the sight of them then I really hope they add options to prevent people from getting nauseous from the insanity effects which are much more frequent as well! That also mutes every ambient sound in the game making the game almost entirely mute which is why insanity sounds must have its own volume setting.