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  1. The appearance of Wagstaff

    Wheeler would've made a great clown, though it feels good to get the 2nd character being female right when it seemed everyone thought it was Wagstaff or macho adventurer
  2. Right on the DS wiki in the characters area their character select images literally have the same exact skin color if you open it in an art program and use a color select tool. Her skin color isn't pink, that is all! Good day !
  3. Her skin color isn't pink, it's literally the same color as Warly's skin color. That's just the hamlet color cubes. Like I said, I wouldn't mind if her faces become more smiley, but to be honest she has all rights to look sad! I mean her air balloon crashed into the middle of nowhere and she's all alone stranded trying to survive in a place where everything wants to kill you! Even if I was the most optimistic person in the world I wouldn't really be happy in that situation either ! Then what you would want is for Klei to change the hamlet color cubes because it makes her skin color look pink because even if her skin color was changed Warly is skin color would look pink in hamlet too.
  4. Well all DS character faces are very neutral looking except for Wilba and Woodlegs. Also, some of the characters may have different facial expressions in their portrait art such as Wes looking sad, Maxwell looking smug/happy, Woodie looking like a crazy person, and Wortox not looking angry, it doesn't mean their face textures should all be changed to reflect their portrait art. Quite a few Don't Starve characters have their portrait art skin color exaggerated it can be seen in some portrait arts. Warly Wilba Maxwell Anyways, personally like I said I wouldn't mind if Wheeler smiles more in her face textures, but I wouldn't like if her skin color was changed or she looks very different than she does now.
  5. Then it would've been better if one of the votes was something like "Yes, I would like Wheeler's face textures to be more smiley" or something instead of showing examples for an overhaul of her texture .
  6. The vote is "DO WE WANT WHEELER'S ART TO CHANGE TO SUIT HER PORTRAIT AND QUOTES?" I voted no because the examples of how she should be changed to look I personally didn't find as appealing as how she looks right now. If the change were something more similar to this then I would've voted yes. I do however want the issues with her animations to be fixed such as hair glitching through the torso, ect. Personally, I like Wheeler's in game art. I wouldn't mind if her current texture was changed then the faces look like she's smiling and maybe slightly messier hair, but changing her skin tone, facial structure, or any other drastic changes I wouldn't personally like it ..
  7. This is because of the symbol layers in the dolongaction animation would need to be fixed or a unique one created for Wheeler or use of symbolswap code to put the torso above the hair symbol then it doesn't clip through her torso, that would fix the hair problem with any animations like that, hopefully it gets fixed .
  8. Wheeler Feedback

    Maybe instead of having less inventory space whatever she wears would slow her down based on how heavy it is or it could shorten how far her dodge goes or a mixture of both. Head and torso (I think including hand slot wouldn't be that good) slot stuff would be categorized into different weights or something similar how different types of ammo deal more damage in her gun and it could be like this. No speed penalty 10% speed penalty 15% speed penalty 20% speed penalty I didn't include every single wearable item in game, but with this con I think it would probably be better than having 5 less inventory space and make more sense with "travels light" con and put more emphasize on using her dodge instead of kiting. With this con I also could see a buff to her movement speed wouldn't be too overpowered.
  9. Wheeler Feedback

    Well as long as Wheeler's dodge and gun aren't nerfed I don't mind whatever buffs she receives since like you said the other characters can do much more broken things such as WX being a god in hamlet and Wickerbottom and Wolfgang always being really strong.. Having less inventory space is a pretty big con and for most people probably makes her unplayable.. Also, her gun seems to become useless in the season of allergies always resulting in missing your target, so yeah she may not be the best character... Though, I wouldn't be able to have fun in hamlet if it weren't for her because all the other characters for me are just too boring and simple ! After playing for more than a couple hours there was moments which was very frustrating because of it ..
  10. Wheeler Feedback

    I think a 50 damage ranged weapon which uses twigs as ammo might be too powerful to start with, but if she can craft her gun into different versions I would think it be great to have a version of the gun which deals more damage but has some other type of con to balance it out maybe it fires slower or has a chance to destroy the ammo or it might miss, ect. Personally, the smaller inventory size doesn't bother me much (in fact while I was playing with her it took me hours to realize her inventory was smaller ) since she can wear a backpack, but I think a 5% or 10% faster movement speed would be fair as a trade off for 5 less max inventory as it's a pretty big con.
  11. Guess Who?

    Heroes never die.
  12. I have only played as Wheeler so I don't know if this bug happens for other characters, but sometimes when you eat food you won't get any hunger points from it till you save and exit which is annoying