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  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows how to change the name of something. For example I want to randomly make crows have different names how would I go about that. Thanks for any help!
  2. Wes needs to win the rework

    You know what they say... Wes is bes and if you don't agree a mime will pay you a visit on a dark dreadful night and you will never be heard of again...!!
  3. Bearger is male

  4. Give me Cerberus varg boss in dst pls
  5. Bearger is male

    There's some times in life there's something you don't know you want, but then when you witness how glorious it is you want it.. this is one of those moments.
  6. i like the one which is flavored like potatoes
  7. Wolfgang isn't op

    Wilfgang is balanced, it's just the other characters are underbalanced.
  8. Wagstaff is my fine gentleman bro! We drink wine and eat cheese as we watch the world end, together~
  9. there's no issues with copyright and did you know there's already 2 ports basically "island adventures" and "tropical experience" mod though a 3rd port would be fine too, good luck !
  10. while your at it klei pls add option to disable naturally generated roads in worldgen too ty
  11. Yes, we need elevation and height in DST to make it great again.
  12. Yes, but no it would be changing a few rules the Y axis exists in DST and is already very usable in fact you can even do things like stack boats on each other if you spawn them in. If it weren't for the hardcoded stuff which modders don't have access to modders would've already done it by now. You are making it seem like it would require a huge change like DS to DST, but no it wouldn't. And before you reply.. just know that everything not said by a Klei developer is just a theory and isn't in fact a fact. That means how "easy" or "hard" it would be to implement is unknown.. So, discussing how "hard" it would be to add is completely pointless and adds nothing to the discussion except for me requiring to telling you how easy it would be and then the infinite loop continues !
  13. Freaking flat-earthers sabotaging this thread!!! My hopes and dreams being trampled on...