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  1. Thank you Shirsh! Notepad++ was misleading me to believe that having nested block comments was okay when it really wasn't. I've gotten to the point where the game loads fine, but trying to start a new campaign with my mod causes it to crash. The log seems to be indicating an issue occurs when I try to start changing the non-DLC guns in modinit's load function, but I can't figure out what the issue is. Any help would be greatly appreciated. scripts.zip invisibleinc.txt
  2. So I was using your method when I found adding in commented out lines was causing a failure to launch. I am new to lua but I don't understand how that could possibly happen. I've attached the two versions of modinit and the log that the larger one was creating. I have no idea what went wrong. I've been trying to follow the modinit from "New Items and Auguments" as closely as possible since it does similar things to what I want to do, but I've hit a brick wall. invisibleinc.txt modinit.lua modinit.lua
  3. Thanks for the info! If the game won't launch after I put my mod in the mod folder, does that mean that the issue is with the init function in modinit.lua? Jason's instructions made it sound like that function was the only one called when the game is booted.
  4. I was hoping I could get some help as I am a newbie trying to mod for the first time. I'm hoping to change some of the stats of some of the game's base items. Will making a entry in the itemdefs.lua file with the same name as an existing item simply overwrite the stats of the item from the base game? If so, where are the files that give the stats of the other items in the base game? The modding intro word document gives Paralyzer 4 as an example, but I can't seem to find where the others might be located so that I could overwrite them as well. I have the game from steam.