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  1. i really digged that sick Wx drawing they did on the stream, so i tried draw it myself also if someone on klei sees this i just want to thank them for showing one of my pictures on the stream!
  2. ****posts from my tumblr, i like webber with the top hats but regret the rest that moment when it starts to rain
  3. I drew my take on the survivor and shadow skins for the shipwrecked characters, someone gotta do it and Klei certainly won't
  4. sometimes i try to be artistic but i always fail so miserably
  5. ' i drew a puppetmaster!warly , wx-78 and walani beacuse i think the designs are really fun to make!
  6. I haven't actually post this on my tumblr yet they're best friends!
  7. i have decided to follow everyone's advice and post my fanart on the same place..yeah i'm a very confused child! anyways here the latest thing i've been drawing. But when i think about i'm gonna post everything else on another topic so i don't confuse anyone with the name
  8. Here is some of the pictuers i've been drawing lately: yeah.. nothing really fancy this time, just some of the drawings i think is pretty fun to look at, at least.
  9. This is my first time posting anything here.. i hope you like it everyone on tumblr seemd to have fun here so i tough i also could join the party. anyway here is some of the art i like the most! this website is maybe a little bit confusing but hopefully you can see the things i drew and hopefully this isn't the wrong place to upload this.. idk