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  1. Exactly what I am talking about, mate. But less software-ish and more physical-ish, if you know what I mean
  2. Can I propose a Paper Tape building? Stick it onto stuffs to make a note of what that is. Stick it on a gas pipe, write "CO2 out", another gas pipe, "Cool O2 in." Stick it on a generator, write "Bad backup." Stick it on a storage box, write "Germ. Stay away!" I mean, here in electrical engineering, we need to use that a lot And I find them mighty convenient.
  3. The problem with windows tile is that it is unavailable in early game. And it has the same air flow issue as normal tile in early game. And no running speed bonus... not that it matters since you can not build it anyway T_T
  4. I returned to the game after a few months, and found out that my printing pod no longer provide decor for the two floors below it anymore. Thought it was unintended, but then found this thread. It is such a sad day. I had fun figuring out how to use the printing pod to replace decor and maintain a compact early base. I guess realistically it made sense that decor passes through mesh/air tiles... but somehow not passing through also realistically makes sense Am I right to understand that the developers no longer want to encourage build where a clump of decorations provide decor for a few floors?
  5. I'm back after a while, so still absorbing new things. It looks like the game introduced a few new traits, and enable a few unused one. @RoboPhred I found that the app has not handled the Foodie trait. Perhaps there are more, but so far I have found that many. A feature request, if possible, could we display the in-game trait name as well as the in-code trait name?
  6. In case anybody else is interested, all hairstyles the editor supports, in order of name/appearance:
  7. If you load the save file that was automatically when a new game is started, you will find that your dupes don't have the New Hope buff, and they won't gain them either.
  8. The Mesh Hall stress bonus of -15%/cycle does not stick around like the Nice Bathroom bonus. It stop having effect right after finishing eating. Viral 180113 1212 Cycle 110.sav
  9. Oh you would be surprised. Farming is so sustainable it breaks the "don't starve" aspect of the game.
  10. Even though there are many jobs left to do, some duplicants just won't get to it. Sometimes as many as 5 duplicants stay idle. If I make up some jobs near the printing pod then maybe they will get to it. This situation started a few tens of cycles ago. The save file where this happened is attached here. Lab 171231 1712.sav