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  1. Sinkhole restores the world

    Sign up to Vultr and set up two VPS's on their lowest package , it will cost you less than $10 per month and they run really smoothly. I'll gladly share my knowledge with you on setting it up. You only pay for what you use with these guys: http://www.vultr.com/?ref=6872806 They're giving away $20 free of service at the moment, so you can try it out for FREE for a whole month
  2. Sinkhole restores the world

    Sure. Go to Teamviewer dot com and download the software, not sure if you're familiar with it or not. But it's free and all you do is start it up then pm me the ID and Password. Keep in mind, I'll see your desktop and everything you see . So hide the dodgy NSA material I'll wait here till you pm.
  3. Sinkhole restores the world

    That looks fine to me, maybe someone else can go over them though as i'm actually dyslexic (not a good trait for a dev I know, lol).. Are you running this on a dedicated server ? It's obvious what's going on. You've got two Master worlds running and you're simply connecting between the two. But how you've done that , is still a mystery. If you'd be willing to do a teamviewer session, i'll gladly try to help you out. But as it is i think this thread would just be a back forth of guessing work Sorry for not being more helpful
  4. Yeah, rookie mistake building my camp next to A) a meteor strike hotspot and B) a cave opening that had me attacked by bats every evening .... Even with storeroom cellar protection on, the gear spews out. I've mentioned it to the dev of that mod and we'll see how it goes.
  5. Oh right, that sounds illogical to me though. It would make more sense for items to spill out when the container is destroyed, there would be no difference in effort for the user to smash it a few more times if that's what the desired effect was. It's mad. Because you have these mods that protect chests from being opened, but all you have to do is hit it once with a hammer and you get the loot anyway. Would be nice to get an option of enabling or disabling this feature. I had one of those 80 slot storage cellars full . A meteor clipped it , didn't even hit square on and all my stuff (hundreds of items) spewed everywhere. lol. I didn't clean it up, I just quit and made a cup of tea! Thanks for you reply Zillvr
  6. Sinkhole restores the world

    Can you pastebin your Cave/server.ini and your Master/server.ini and your cluster.ini Remove any public IP address and / or secretkeys
  7. Happening on every server I try, with or without mods. When a player hits a chest with a hammer, the contents drop out onto the floor. This also happens if a meteor hits the container too. Anyone else able to replicate this ?
  8. I can confirm this works like a charm using two separate single cpu VPS instances (more than half the price of a single vps with 2 cpu's). I'm using Vultr , this game server works pretty well on their lowest 700mb single cpu VPS's with 6 players. Any higher than 6 players and you get lag issues , anything above 8 can also result in random server resetting issues. My faith in this game has been restored , thanks to some very well written documentation at long last
  9. How to Map reveal?

    *Ridiculous < -- I might be dyslexic, but at least I know how to use spell check
  10. How to Map reveal?

    Thanks. That's the one I used already, without spaces. No luck on DST . It was nice of you to point out my dyslexic error btw. I'll be more careful with my posting next time.
  11. How to Map reveal?

    Has this been enabled again in recent updates? I think it's a good feature to have for wilderness and cooperative servers. Or is there a new thread on this? Non of the commands work anymore , nor the mods!
  12. Now when I run the cave server, I get out of memory errors.. WTF? I've run ARMA and DAYZ on these servers!!! I'm not paying for extra memory or another VPS just so I can run an obviously poorly optimised game server. Why the hell do you need 2 servers to host one game anyway? Minecraft managed to give the underworld experience without needing an extra server, and that game is a memory hog too, but I can run that fine on my VPS even with a massive player base!!!!.... Edit: I'll say it again because it's true. Thank you to the community for doing their utmost to help me and others get this working. If it wasn't for you guys/gals I would have given up much sooner. At least I've learnt some skills with Linux along the way (thanks Toni), that's the only good thing I can take from this long couple of days fiasco. Overall I have to say, I've lost faith in this game and the dev team. I hope they learn from this.
  13. I just had this again too, what I'd done is forgot to replace -cluster Cluster_1 with -cluster MyDediServer .. screen -Sdm "world" bash -c './dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer -console -cluster MyDediServer -shard Master'
  14. Ok, got this working. Fingers crossed Thanks again to everyone for helping and being patient. Fixed the issue with Screen to
  15. Is the format for worldgenoverride.lua changed? I have this for Master: return { override_enabled = true, misc = { day = "longday", winter = "noseason", summer = "noseason", world_size = "medium", } } But it turned Winter the minute I logged in, funnily enough after I opened a chest that was just sitting there that had a wooly hat and jacket in it ?