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  1. i got commissioned to do a lot of wesfrid!!! heres the first!
  2. here's a quick warly doodle because he's honestly my bf and i love him and i did a portrait of wes ,, its not done but i dont like how it came out. idk i worked hard on it so here
  3. yeah, the program i was using to make them wouldnt let me make umlauts so i had to suffer :,)
  4. *DJ Khaled voice* AND ANOTHER ONE im pretty sure wigfrid wears makeup.....i love her,
  5. sen p a i.... pl e a s e........my hea r t.........thank you.................................
  6. throned wigfrid needs a grue so i was playing around with ideas in iscribble i also like to draw lots of things in iscribble
  7. ISCRIBBLE DOODLES EYAHEHHAHEHA i like ships ok .....thank u.....
  8. (The following is not under production; these are only fake screenshots I made.) Have you ever wanted to date Wigfrid? Well today is your lucky day, everyone Romance in Valhalla: a Wigfrid Dating Sim gives you the opportunity to interact with your favorite pseudo-viking babe! Give her meat, make her laugh, make her angry--have fun alongside this majestic valkyrie. You can select one of three protagonists to romance Wigfrid! Be wary; the character you select changes your dialogue and outcome of the story as you go along. Pick whichever character you think suits you best! You start the game trapped on a massive, mysterious island where a lot of things can go wrong! As you are trying your best to find ways to survive, Wigfrid extends her hand out to help you and survive with you! As you collect things through the game, you can give them to her as gifts to boost your Affection points! The more points you have, the more chapters and side stories you unlock. Side stories are related to the main storyline, but act more as fillers. Still, they serve as opportunities to rack up more Affection with Wigfrid! BONUS: Shipwrecked chapter can be available to you POST-GAME! Don't miss your chance to woo the warrior princess of the island! (Ok so this took a SUPER LONG TIME and I added more detail to it than I thought I would. Oops. As you can see, I am not a graphic design genius and know next to nothing about designing dating sims, but I really wanted to give it a try. Again, THIS IS NOT A REAL THING . This is probably the last you'll see of this ;u; )
  9. some WIPS of a project im doing. ive come so far and im dETERMINED TO FINISH so im showing what ive done so far!!!THIS TOOK LIKE FOUR HOUrs willow and wes are fun to draw <3
  10. she doesnt mess around. shes sick of his games. another has fallen to her might!!!! she remains the champion of the ring
  11. TONIGHT ON WWE AN OLD GEEZER GETS A BIG STORM COMING FROM EVERYBODYS FAVORITE VALKYRIE BABE [john cena theme plays] a doodle of something that i wish was the endgame.....sigh...... just a doodle. probably wont color but thought it was worth sharing. id like to thank google for a reference
  12. day 127. i still want wigfrid to punch me

  13. im glad i could show you the ship that ruined my life :,) someone pls help me thank you!! thank you so much!!!! i am so happy to hear such positive feedback. i was actually afraid people on the forums wouldnt be shipping trash, let alone fans of wesfrid. guess i was wrong and im glad i was. thank you again!!!
  14. he think he slick ......................... but he gOT CAUGHT
  15. are kisses allowed??? are they allowed?????????? here is a doodle of a kiss anYWAY. a good way to end valentines day. sorry this thread started out so shippy but it /is/ valentines day so i get to indulge
  16. i cant even tell you how honored ii am to see you liking my art its like a really good dream,,, thank you so so much bigfrid is just a term me/some friends i have playfully use when we draw her to be large. kinda my hc even though the game doesnt show it : ( and yes! wathgrithr is wigfrid's game file name!! kinda neat ;o; i wonder if its going to be important to her ? idk
  17. yeaaahhAHH AH HAHH A look at these willows. dang....... dANG..!!!! super good i love