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  1. First hound attack on iOS. The second hound spawned in the ocean and couldn't enter land to attack me.
  2. This is a game-breaking bug that was addressed about a month ago but remains unresolved. The whole fun of Don't Starve is preparing and surviving the seasons, am I right? If it was just Autumn the entire game or if the seasons didn't work as planned, it wouldn't be very fun, now would it? The problem I have here is when I enter a cave that hasn't been generated yet, the game skips to a random season. I know it happens immediately because when I entered a newly generated cave I began shivering. Then when I leave, it's Winter! Now, I'm not 100% sure this is exactly what happens. I'm still debating whether the season changes at a random point in time in a cave and if it depends on whether the cave is new or not, or if it just happens automatically upon cave generation. I'm still not sure if the season my game changes to is random or the following season. This bug was so bad that I left the Giant Edition for about a month or two. I just couldn't enjoy the game if it wasn't working properly. So this may be the reason I'm not certain of things. But a few days ago, I came back to a 21 day old world. It was with Wigfrid, and I had left this world because when it became Winter, and I mined up and entered a new cave, it became Spring. I had got fed up and quit the game, despite leaving with my fresh light bulbs. When I came back on a few days ago, I decided to test my hypothesis that this bug occurs when a cave is newly generated. I found a new cave, mined it up, entered, exited, and sure enough, it turned summer. I re-entered the cave, exited it, and it was still summer. This sheds a little more light to the problem. There are so many possible explanations for this that I'm not sure what to think of it. But please fix this bug! It ruins the game for me, and I had just got the Giant Edition and was excited to enjoy my favorite game in the comfort of my couch. This has happened like 3-4 times. Are other people not having this problem? I don't notice anyone complaining. Am I just missing an update or something? Attached image below is a comment from the staff in a bug complaint the same as mine. This was a month and a half ago. I have yet to see this issue on Shipwrecked, I have not experimented. I've never entered a volcano on console so I do not know. Yes, I'm using RoG. Thank you for reading!