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  1. Hello, i made a small mod to log certain events but i don't want the server to be shown as modded. What can i do? dst_compatible = true client_only_mod = false server_only_mod = true all_clients_require_mod = false server_filter_tags = {""} priority = 9000 This is part of the content of my modinfo.lua
  2. Unfortunately i couldnt find a way to push a message into a specific users chat. I could use components chatter but it will only display it over the head of the user. I looked through other addons and through the source code again and couldnt find anything
  3. Hello, i tried finding it in the lua files but i had no luck. Is it possible to deploy a message which will appear in the admins chat? I want to hook certain events like hammering and send a message f.e. like that: local ACTIONHAMMER = GLOBAL.ACTIONS.HAMMER.fn GLOBAL.ACTIONS.HAMMER.fn = function(act) -- Message to admins that act.doer has hammered return ACTIONHAMMER(act) end Also, how can i hook if someone ignites something?
  4. It happened to me twice this week that i instantly died by entering the cave. Since i usually build my camp inside the caves i enter them to regenerate. Unfortunately there were earthquakes going on and i got hit by a goldnugget/rock and died while i was connecting. Maybe the players who just connected to the caves should have godmode for a second or so.
  5. Hello, i made the big mistake of building an outpost near a few slurtles: Not only that they were stealing gems out of chests, if you sleep in a tent they attack you and eat your stones/gems. I lost all my green gems this way :/ Please fix this, thank you