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  1. [Game Update] - 352488

    Hey! Duplicants can not dig 5 tiles high.
  2. [Game Update] - 299241

    Fix these please!
  3. 1. The Restart-Information won't appear if you use (exactly, click) a language pack coming from Workshop. This problem has existed for a long time. By the way, the problem won't happen if you use the official packs. 2. Composts produce dirt rather than fertilizer. It may be misunderstood, though dirt is used as fertilizer. 3. "Auto Inputs" and "Auto Outputs" translations have no effect, here's summary: Auto Inputs: Active/Standby, Make Active and Make Inactive (Memory Toggle) Auto Outputs: Active/Standby, Current Value (Memory Toggle) 4. Some Save information can't be translated. 5. "Forever" can't be translated. 6. The unit in power control station's store can't be seen.
  4. [Game Update] - 288927

    What does this exactly mean?
  5. The main problem is that the change of Low Morale also applies in High Morale, which makes the difficulty unbalanced when Duplicant Mood is at a difficult option. Examples: If I want to have a challenge and choose all the most difficult options (with Low Morale (Very Hard)) , it will be easy because once I improve the morale over the expectation, it will have a bonus, -50% stress per cycle at most. If I choose Low Morale (Easy) , it will be difficult because High Morale bonus can not neutralize the effect of Fatalistic as the bonus is -13% at most.
  6. [Game Update] - 279674

    A new dance after the update.
  7. (← a bug in old version) ↓ .gif about drinking pincha coffee. ↓
  8. 1. "Make Active", "Make Inactive", "Current Value" translations of Memory Toggle are invalid. 2. There are some texts in Schedule which can not be translated. 3. The Storing matter's unit of Power Control Station does not work. 4. The broken pipe that is at Metal Refinery's output will prevent the coolant coming out, but the Metal Refinery can still work, which will make the coolant overheat and accumulate.
  9. [Game Update] - 271819

    I agree. But if so, the tooltips should be improved because they are same.
  10. [Game Update] - 271819

    Thanks for the text and translation fixing! But there're still some issues I found after the hotfix. The deodorizer has the same requirement and effect that consuming polluted oxygen. I think it should belong to the requirement, because it needs polluted oxygen to run. No running, no effects it will have. Auto inputs and outputs have the same text. Well, not only the research center but the outhouse has the same issue. It should be my fault that I didn't post a pic at that time, sorry.
  11. 1. The tooltips of some buildings consuming gases like the algae terrarium should be "[rate] of [element]" instead of "[element] of gas". 2. The outhouse's effect, producing polluted dirt, is hard to understand and the tooltip is also wrong. I think it should be "Polluted Dirt: [amount] per use". 3. The tooltip of the shower's cures is different from the massage table. [Translation] 4. Some buildings' requirements can't be translated, including research station (dirt), super computer (water), outhouse (dirt). [Additional] 5. As Kabrute pointed below, all critters' decor information is described as "debris".
  12. Every tags can be translated but no effect. And the text in game looks like the code because of no space. I think this should be the reason.
  13. After R1 update, the title of a cell or creature can not be shown just like this. I don't know if my translation is the reason of the issue. So I uploaded my translation file. By the way, I find that almost every geysers are described as "erupt with steam". It should be another text issue. strings.po
  14. Custom worldgen seeds turn into 0

    Thanks for your reply! In fact I use my phone number as the seed at first, after that I only use large numbers and not try the smaller numbers. You're right. The large number is the key. I have changed the description.