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  1. Cuddle pips still won't ask for hugs if missed. It seems like the cuddle pip can't trigger the next asking instead of the waiting time being so long, which would work correctly once after save/load. Could you have a check for it?
  2. The cuddle pip's teeth will become longer after a period of time. After save and load, they can return back. Here are some screenshots when I spawned the cuddle pips and about one cycle later. And here's the gif that shows the change. By the way, the cuddle pip won't hope for hugs anymore if it doesn't be hugged in time. This also can be solved by save and load. ( Don't mind the wrangled pip. I did it by mistake. )
  3. They were changed in the last update. Including: SO: Forest Cluster -> Folia Cluster Terra Cluster -> Terrania Cluster Swamp Cluster -> Swampy Cluster (-> Quagmiris Cluster (in this update) ) Moonlet Cluster - The Badlands-> Moonlet Cluster - The Desolands (in this update) Classic: Large Terra Cluster -> Terra Cluster Large Swamp Cluster -> Squelchy Cluster
  4. Apply all radiation protection ways to a glow stick dupe and they can absorb radiation depanding on the enviroment... Anyway, the main issue here is that, the total radiation resistance can be over 100%.
  5. There's NO power cost if the radbolt generator is full. Though it needs to be powered to maintain radbolts, just same as before.
  6. There's a missing tile in right-to-left radiation lamp range.
  7. Check the effects of radiation sensor in building menu. It should be Ambient Radiation instead of Ambient Temperature.
  8. This is really an annoying issue for those who want to finish the achievement Cosmic Archaeology for a long time. After some tests, I find that if you find an artifact in the POIs on the planetoids and analysing it, it counts as terrestrial artifacts. But after save and load, it counts as space artifacts. Here's one example. I find a useless machine in POI (in sandbox mode) and transport it to the place near the pod. I save my game and then analyse the artifact. The result is listed below: Then I load my save, and analyse it again. the result is listed below: This issue has no influence for those artifacts which is not discovered yet although the planetoids may have been discovered already. Once you can see it, it is discovered and has the issue no matter you pick it from the pedestal or not. Meaning if you want to finish the achievement, you can't quit the game until analysing all artifacts you have discovered.
  9. I guess it's that because they are teleporter ports, transporting the elements between "worlds", just like Supply Teleporter.
  10. Great update! Here are some quick tests about the new bed. Ladder beds are stackable and rotatable, but (and only?) the ladder parts need to be on one straight. The building description says that, duplicants can be interrupted if another duplicant uses the ladder while sleeping. But in my test, only the duplicants who have Loud Sleeper trait will be affected, which seems like a bug? And... they are crash-makers. So be careful to use them now.
  11. Anyone notices? The water requirement of lavatory has been cut-half. The new toilet uses the same amount water comparing with the previous lavatory. It also changes the lavatory in the base game. And there's a issue about the new mechanic. After self-destruction, all resources in/on the rocket are half-deleted, including the seeds and artifacts and even the suit. Although the artifacts can be analysed or put on a pedestal and the suit can be equipped, it seems to crash the game any time horribly. Maybe the mass of these things should be protected or using other solutions?
  12. I can't use empty pipe tool to empty conveyor rails, though it has a conveyor rails filter option. If it is not intended, it's better to remove the option of conveyor rails there.